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  1. You are absolutely correct and i apologise wholeheartedly. As i said in my updated post, when i came back on and read what i had written it was completely not what was meant. Apologies again.
  2. Apologies for the first paragraph in the above post, if there was an option to delete/edit then I would because that could be completely taken the wrong way. What I was trying to put across was I always felt that JK Mainlands and Tesco's meat was not up to the standards of the Globe. Maybe both have improved as I've not bought meat from any of the two for a couple of years. Does Tesco even sell locally produced meat?
  3. The Queens Hotel was superb last time I was there.
  4. (** MOD EDIT - content removed **) The 2 country butchers are excellant and are on a par with what The Globe once was, maybe even be better. I'll take the extra time and fuel money to visit them. Hopefully one of them will get premises in the town, word on the grapevine is that is being looked into.
  5. The link is the lack of the latter, with meat from the former. Personally I think Tesco's meat is the greatest thing that has ever arrived in Shetland, you can buy the cheapest meat they've got, and tell yourself its the most expensive cut going, as both taste exactly the same. The slight flaw is, the ability to chew and swallow a mouthful of matter that is unidentifiable by either sight, taste or smell is a talent I'm still struggling to develop to viable levels. Quite right. Pity that Globe's have gone but lucky that Mainlands are still with us. They sell good meat. Not the pure and utter rubbish that Tesco and the Co-op both pawn out to us poor, unsuspecting punters. Are you sure about that George?
  6. They are coming back up in March surely, still have plenty more driveways to do. I also heard last night that they have bought land somewhere just outside Lerwick. Whether this is correct or not I don't know.
  7. This is obviously either a wind up or part of an act. Hilarious!
  8. I'm especially liking the 'easy on the eye' part, not for her obviously, she's not allowed too look! My choices are Fanny Trollope's and Mr Singhs. Christ knows what she's gona choose, probably some sushi hellery. Cheers for the replies
  9. Completely agree, hopefully someone can take it on but till then it'll a quick run to the Scalloway Meat Company for me, hope I get back to the town alive
  10. Thanks for the replies folk! I will definately be scoping out that Indian and I may look for that German place, not sure what German cuisine is like? Sausages and beer?
  11. Abused staff in Baroc on Saturday night as they were fully booked and could not get a table. They ended up in the Raba where there behaviour cleared the place of what customer were in. Police called to the Marlex last night to deal with there anti-social behaviour. These are just a few stories which i've seen on FB, there are many more. This crowd shipped out of Orkney at the end of 2013 because they did not have the required permits or something like that to trade, the Orkney Islands Council put a halt too them trading, this is just what I've been told by friends down there. What I would like to know is why the SIC can't do the same? I stead they have set up camp at the old dump where our council have supposedly provided them with a skip and a portaloo! If that is right then WTF!! This lot are trading under the same name as the crowd who were here last year but it's different folk. The last lot that were up in my opinion seemed good folk, very pleasant and well mannered, i spoke to them several times as they did work around the houses here. This new lot are completely the opposite! As Kavi says though, if Shetland folk keep employing them then here they will remain.
  12. Hi, Taking the lady to Glasgow for a few days in a couple of months, do a bit of wineing and dining............you know the rest 😉 Anyway, needing some ideas for places to eat, KFC ain't gona cut it or she'll cut it off! Do you kind folk have any recomendations? I'am browsing the web but it would be fine to hear from folk on here. Thanks
  13. We have a variety at Tagon Stores. We're just finishing some Spanish New Potatoes at the moment but we have some Premier, Kerr Pink and Roosters to come as well as some others from time to time. We can arrange 20kg sacks if required or any size bag from 1kg to 20kg with a bit of notice. Varieties change around once a month. We have a variety at Tagon Stores. We're just finishing some Spanish New Potatoes at the moment but we have some Premier, Kerr Pink and Roosters to come as well as some others from time to time. We can arrange 20kg sacks if required or any size bag from 1kg to 20kg with a bit of notice. Varieties change around once a month. Sorry, i was meaning locally grown tatties from nort farms
  14. J.K.Mainlands by any chance? I've bought some of theirs, poor quality and a lot of them rotten in the middle what's that all about???!!!! Sumburgh farm's tatties are great, they've got a Facebook page and they will deliver to your door. If I run out am in dire need then you can't go wrong with Rooster tatties fae Tesco. Does anyone sells tatties up north by any chance?
  15. I see the 'Latests Posts' are back on the homepage! Not much traffic moving through over the last weeks with it gone then? Anyway, glad its back
  16. I agree, I hardly come on anymore, it was so handy having that. Why has it disappeared?
  17. Looks bloody hideous there to be perfectly honest. A third barge will be appearing in the near future, going to be berthed at the new pier at the old Shell base just on by Northlink, not sure what that means for the new fish market.
  18. I'm sure visitors to Lerwick will really appreciate being called morons. I still don't know where some places are in Lerwick and yep, I use either my Sat Nav or maps on my mobile phone which I suspect some visitors do also. So Nederlander, do you know your way to every single street address in Shetland and all the other isles here? I'm sure they don't come on here to look all the pish posted by the regulars. I only happened to stumble upon this most ludicrous of complaints (although no complaint seems to ludicrous for the folk on this forum) by an unfortunate accident. I stand by my original claim, if anyone missed the market due to it being called the "Upper Esplanade", they are a moron. Correct, 2 pages of incredible amount of urine being typed by the usual suspects! Correct!!! Complete wallopers 😃
  19. Come on!!! It's not like we're living in New York City for gods sake!
  20. Yes Mikey, i imagine most of the contributors here are either not on the island or have not been in any of the 2 Brae pubs, and surprise surprise, the report in the times this week said there were no issues, specifically the land lady of the Lights, well of course she'd say that, absolute horse sh1t!! Since the site started there have been over 600 employees sacked due to failing of drug/alcohol tests and of misbehaviour in the community.
  21. Thats brightened up this dull morning for me Frances, love that way of thinking, just wish more people had this kind of attitude, it would make this island an even better place to live. Have a great weekend x
  22. I've noticed fuel prices creeping up in Lerwick(not sure about country prices) over the last couple of weeks again! WTF is going on? Has the price of a barrel gone up again? Has it been all quiet on the fuel front so suppliers have decided to increase? Mods - Apologies, even with the search bar I couldn't find the current fuel thread.
  23. Does any of you actually drink in the local pubs, Brae in particular? There is a complete change to what there used to be. Yes, Shetland has trouble now and again with louts, the odd scrap at the weekend, usually fighting over grudges gone on from school days, NOT intimidating total strangers drinking in their local pub. Being told to 'F*ck off this is a travellers pub!!!', exactly what a friend of mine was told by a group of workers when he stepped in due to the remarks forwarded to his girlfriend. If you think there is no problem your deluded, if you don't drink in the pubs in Brae maybe you should go out and experience it for yourselves. I've call ed the Police once, nothing was done, as the the guy pi55ed off and it took over an hour for them to get there, they ended up telling me that nothing criminal had taken place anyway, I beg to differ, intimidation IS illegal. It's only going to get worse, this is going to have a HUGE impact on our community as a whole and not for the better as far as the behaviour goes. A lot are fine, mostly the older generation ones but the younger guys are running wild................Work hard, live hard, play hard and f*ck everyone else
  24. I'm not sure if a lot of people know this but there is a third barge coming, it's a four storey one and is going to be positioned opposite the Thule. A total f'ing eyesore in the middle of the harbour, a nice welcome for the tourists.
  25. Great idea and I'm sure the folk living out the south end will appreciate it as there is a lack of this kind of facility in that area. My fear, as someone else has pointed out, is that Tesco undoubtedly will open up there own cafe in the future and undercut it putting another business out the ar5e Who are the owners?
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