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  1. SOUTH ROAD, LERWICK, SHETLAND, ZE1 0RD. Telephone: 0845 6719524 Desk opening hours may not follow store opening hours.
  2. Dad used to drive a gritter a few years ago now but always said it didna matter where they gritted our ploughed it was never the right place!
  3. Thats what I said glad I'm not the only one who thinks it this!!
  4. Could it be made by the aircraft in the hold waiting to land at Scatsta?
  5. Can I sugest subscription we have had one for a few years now and the S.T usually arrives on Saturday or very rarely on Monday saves all the faf going to either ARI or the boat.
  6. What would Sunday mornings be with out the Archers. And I hear sorry i haven't a clue is to make a return yeah not to mention the man with the really really deep voice I to love Radio 4.
  7. 10 flights best not mention that number to my husband as it cant include the helicopter movments leaving from Aberdeen heading offshore or fixed wing flights to scatsta that were delayed. He wasn't a happy bunny yesterday morning let me tell you!
  8. It sure is bobbyslater it sure is I was married in west Falklands very nearly 12 year ago theres a few Shetlanders been down in the Falklands over the years me included.
  9. Yeah the ice rink is closed not sure about the pool next door though. If you fancy a castle or two theres always Drum and Crathes out the Deeside road on the Bluebird bus no 201 if I mind right. The museum at Marshall college is also worth a look as is the maritime museum.
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