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  1. Ian_H This is for surface water only, we have connections to public sewers so it is only from the roof that we are dealing with. where the house is going is basically hardcore then further from the house it is tightly compacted clay/hardcore then some 30mtrs from the house it is peat. Hopefully get this dealt with soon, it's the only thing I have to get sorted for the building warrant. Cheers
  2. Despite being close to the sea, a burn and a ditch I have to put in a soakaway (basically as crofter has said a hole full of crushed rock) as planning think that rain water from my roof will damage the environment. Even phoned SEPA and they said they had no issues with it going to a burn, ditch or to the sea. Regardless I need to do percolation tests for the soakaway. Royal pain. Thanks for the input so far
  3. Hi, I am finalising the paperwork for building a new house in Shetland and currently carrying out Percolation tests for surface drainage but they are not going well. The land is either Peat or Clay, my initial two test holes filled with water so to have the soakaway in that area is obviously not going to happen so I dug two other holes... these did not fill with water but won't drain as it is deep with Peat. I am trying a completely different area now hoping it will offer better results. I was just wondering if anyone else has had similar problems and how they over came the issues? I am at a loss at the moment, it's the only thing holding us up... Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Stick
  4. Looks like my favourite artist Stevie Wonder has been at it again, cheeky bu**er should stick to hammering out the tunes on ye ol piano. You would have thought they would have put the barges in areas that would not detract from Lerwick's views and beauty. Things like this is a blot on the isles. I am going to put up a banner that says "Go Away Please, Thank You Please"
  5. I am putting Duncan Anderson's name forward, he run's like he is chasing a dream and when he is on the ball it's like a poet and a song writer creating a master piece of biblical proportions. Now don't get me wrong he has a massive head, can't grow a proper beard and when he speaks on the phone somehow lacks the ability to alter his vocal tones but when it comes to football he is like a gazelle in the Serengeti running from opposing honey badgers. In the works league I think George Jamieson has had a solid season, solid being the operative word, he is an enforcer, close to Chuck Norris but without the roundhouse kick. I once saw him knock over a brick wall by simply whispering the items on a chinese menu to it... in shear fear the wall fell... like the wee one in Berlin. I think the wall George knocked down was built by a guy call Hadrien or something. Could you imagine if these guy's bred... with each other, the resulting baby would look like a cross between a massive headed Albino and Geoff Capes that would have the footballing prowess of Pele or George Best That's my nomination for sports personality of the year.... one of the above.
  6. My mother is from Shetland while I was born South, I lived in Shetland for many years and due to marry a lass from Shetland. I can't do a Shetland accent, in fact I do a better Orkadian accent despite the fact I have only passed through Orkney on the boat. My point is that if they were to try and put on a Shetland accent I think it would be slated and would have failed. I agree that it is a crime drama not a Shetland Documentary, Simon King did a good Shetland documentary... Watch that if you want to see move Shetland or go outside
  7. Don't get me wrong, the info and details given have been brilliant and I can't thank people enough. But all I was looking for was a little point in the right direction nothing nasty but when you get comments back basically nit picking which is something I have seen to be common on Shetlink (mainly by the same people) hence the reason I won't be asking anything again in the future. Also I did not like your reply it was about as helpful as getting kicked in the nuts. But once again thanks to the people who took the time to get back to me, I will see about getting in touch with most if not all the details provided. Stick
  8. Thanks to all the folk who took the time to supply useful information and not poking holes in what I thought was asking was a simple question. i am sure the info supplied will be greatly helpful. Thanks again for all the help. Unlinkedstudent: I was not really looking for recommendations just looking for a potential contractor to build my home but I did state in my original post "decent builder" mainly because I don't want a s**t builder. I am also fully aware that some builds may go smooth and others may have problems. Also I did not state when I was planning on building....... Can't say you have been particularly helpful, I will not be posting on Shetlink again for... Anything.
  9. Any other builders in Shetland??? surely there are more than two........
  10. Thanks for the info, I will look in to touching base with them... Anybody know of any other folk building (particularly in the northern isles) would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  11. I am looking to move back to Shetland in the near future and building a house for my growing family. I was just wondering if anyone would be able to point me in the direction of a decent builder? We have land, the kit is coming from a firm south and we are about to submit for planning permission. As I have lived away for a number of years I have lost touch with who may be reliable builders etc so any input would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Stick
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