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  1. Just because you don't know them in person and because they operate behind a pseudonym doesn't justify dehuminising them. I mean that is what you have just said! 'people' vs anyone else. There you go, some people are more equal than others... feel the contempt This has descended into the greatest ridiculousness. A complete farse. I'll not be posting again.
  2. That small group of individuals have helped reduce a "thriving vibrant online community" (Shetlink forums) to something that is looking quite sad and pathetic.
  3. It's not just about one guest. The other reality: Many others guests have chosen to stop contributing to the forums citing the sustained actions of a small group of people.
  4. I agree, there were things thrown from both sides that perhaps shouldn't have been at the start of this before the lynch mob got started. I'm not on the attack in that respect. I was challenging the whole pervasive, controlling attitude here that some people's views are more equal than others and the negativity that is detracting from meaningful discussion. I'm guilty of it too, using sarcastic markup tags in my last post... aimed at the 'more equal'.
  5. <thoughtCrime> The social norm as far as I am concerned is not to cause offense and if offense if caused (whether impact of needlessly negative remarks, instults, trolling, bullying etc.) to call it out if you so choose. In most circumstances, including this forum, while dismissing other contributors comments, saying it is entirely the problem of the offended person and that they should put up or get lost is repulsive. </thoughtCrime>
  6. Apart from possibly feeling like the victim of the scrambling validating lynch mob, how else would you describe your contribution here then? Because your description completely side steps your own comments.
  7. Thank you, Roachmill. Sounds like good advice, I'll give it a go.
  8. Yes, I stop going there, simple as.Is this your forum? Are you the owner? Are you telling people who you don't personally approve of that they should not contribute on this forum? What do you do re the shop/ pub/ whatever?... bicker at the owner? Try and get the place shut down? Judging by your previous response, both.
  9. Just an observation: That seems to be like saying if you don't like it then you can get lost! Needless Negativity
  10. No it was a suggestion that bias is just the norm. To be expected. It's politics, obviously. No use complaining about the outcome of Audit Scotland reports or OSCR decisions because you think they are having their strings pulled by the powers that be. If you don't like it or see wrong doing, make a complaint. I do, I'm a terrible bloody whinger for what it's worth ☺️
  11. I agree. The SCT - OSCR thing was frustrating to watch. But also isn't all this just the norm. Behavioral and political bias - influences/ pressures from above/ government etc. It shouldn't happen, it should be nonpartisan, but sadly it does happen whether we like it or not. We just have to protest when we don't like it.
  12. None of this is a revelation though. It's, as you say, how it works and Shetland is subject to the same rules as everywhere else is it not. Scottish Government recognise that Shetland, Orkney and some of the Western Isles have higher service costs per head of population, so get significantly more per head in the general revenue grant. I don't know how fair that is but sounds ok. Maybe you know of more sinister things.
  13. To be honest, I've barely set foot across the threshold of council establishments in the past 20 years, luckily maybe. So I've not got much to go on beyond the normal rumor mill which I alway take with a very large pinch of salt, so it's not about gullibility. Sounds like you have some real insight into some pretty bad stuff George?
  14. I'm not saying things are perfect, but the the Audit Scotland reports on the SIC governance and financial management as reported in the local news does not paint a damning picture. It might mention room for improvements etc., but hardly incompetence and greed. On the other matter, 3 jobs as declared, don't forget the [:sheep] and yes, unchallenged incumbent, hopefully get a few options next time.
  15. Councillors SCT trustees who are/ were also directors of a windfarm company wanting SCT investment make a councillor who is also a PI sound fairly harmless when it comes to conflict of interest. That said is there not a code of conduct that require business interests to be declared.
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