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  1. Thanks for all your replies, everybody. I have never been to Orkney, so I can't pass judgement as to how Welsh they sound. But I will get there. I have just moved to Shetland from Dolgellau in North Wales. In so many ways, Shetland is very similar to Gwynedd - but of course it's very different in other ways, too. One of the things we hate in Wales is when people move in from outside and don't make any effort to adapt to the local way of doing things. So I want to adapt myself to Shetland, rather than expecting Shetland to adapt to me. Any ideas as to how I can best do that? The other
  2. Oes unrhywun sy'n siarad Cymraeg yn Shetland? Is there anyone who speaks Welsh in Shetland? Anna
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