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  1. So far two sub-sea tunnels have been built in the Faroe Islands - 'Vágatunnilin' (The Vagar Tunnel 4,940 m. - price £ 28 mio.) and 'Norðoyatunnilin' (The Northern Isles Tunnel 6,300 m. - price £ 39.5 mio.) - obviously a fixed link brings growth to a previously 'isolated' community, but no one could have imagined the increase in traffic caused by the fixed link - f.x. in its last year of operation (2005) the Norhern Isles Ferry carried roughly 100.000 cars between the Northern Isles and the Main Isles, while 6 years later (in 2011) a total of 727.316 cars drove through the sub-sea tunnel (a 700% increase - was the Ferry Service in reality a 'hidden' Bottleneck?) - apart from growth in the local community, the increased traffic has also reduced the average toll prices by 50% (supply and demand), from £ 15 in 2006 to £ 7,5 in 2011 pr. car (return price) - the tunnels are planned to become toll-free within 15 years after completion - a minus is of course the increased car fuel consumption and hence pollution, but ferries (and sea vessels in general) are some of the biggest polluters - so prons and cons.... The Northern Isles Tunnel on Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nor%C3%B0oyatunnilin The Faroese infrastructure requires a lot of tunnels http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_tunnels_of_the_Faroe_Islands
  2. Hi Frances As far as I know, only 62 Faroese Ponies (Ross) exist today, all in the Faroe Islands. You can contact the Faroese Horse Society 'Felagið Føroysk Ross' on their webpage, see link below. The webpage is Faroese language only, but I'm sure they will reply in English if you contact them. Translation: Samband = Contact Navn = Name Teldupostur = Email Evni = Subject http://www.rossid.com/samband.html
  3. Are there any Shetland/Scots words for Barnacle and Limpet?
  4. 'Sisti Mus' (the Mouse's Sister) is interesting, as the Faroese name is 'Músa-bróðir' (the Mouse's Brother), so they are three Siblings?
  5. Sure groilick 'Southern Faroe' sounds fine to me But we would probably get problems with Mr. Forvik, wouldnt we? BTW where is he nowadays? Gone with the wind?
  6. There was a heavy storm in Faroe last night, the Danish TV stations tried to keep their viewers updated on the situation, as this screenshot from the Danish TV station 'TV2 News' shows, seemingly not all Danes are quite aware of where exactly the part of Denmark called Faroe Islands (Færøerne in Danish) is located. http://media.portal.fo/images/sized/images/gallery/159656/news__large-640x324.jpg
  7. Hmm.. What do you build your stereotyping on? I'm Faroese, I never once participated in this 'grind' tradition, I never even went to get my name on the 'list for free meat', which is what all those people you see in the pictures are there for, so how come my hands are dirty? I could in the same instant tell you that you brits with your 'tradition' of colonizing and exploiting basically everone else on this planet are the ones with dirtiest hands, both when it comes to treating animals and not least other peoples.
  8. Really? the faroese did that? Including me? I wasn’t aware of that, I thought it was a board of 6 directors, 4 from Faroe 1 from Iceland and 1 from Shetland who made a decision in an attempt to save a company from going down the drain. Investing in that huge ship was a suicidal decision for Smyril Line, they should have stuck to the Denmark-Faroe route the whole time, there was never really a customer basis for that 'North Atlantic Link' service in the first place. BTW, maybe I should blame all you brits for every stupid decision made by british directors?
  9. Living abroad I'm looking foreward to see some stunning scenery from my beautiful native islands on the programme 'Whale Wars' on Animal Planet
  10. It's a cruel world man. https://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=107758719311683&comments There might be a strategic reason why the Faroese are keeping the pilot whale hunt going, and that's the fishing industry. The name of this organization is not 'Whale Shepheard' it's 'Sea Shepheard', and their aim is not only to 'save the whales' but to save and protect everything swimming in the sea, including fish. And without a fishing industry, Faroe will be depopulated fairly quickly. So the faroese official policy has been, keep the whaling going so they (SS) are focused on that, because if the whaling stops, their next step is to end the fishing as well. So you see, SS is in fact forcing the Faroese to continue this 'tradition'
  11. He was in Dublin last year, not much to write home about I'm afraid. http://entertainment.timesonline.co.uk/tol/arts_and_entertainment/music/live_reviews/article6919074.ece
  12. I assume 'Frosty Haar' is Scots for 'Hoar-Frost'? According to Jakobsen, the Shetland word for 'Hoar-Frost' is 'Sjela' [shaela] also in the compound 'Sjela-frost' and the term 'Sjela-wadder' meant 'Weather with hoar-frost or cold dew during night'. 'Sjela' is derived from Old Norse 'héla' [hyela] meaning 'Hoar-frost': 'héla' > 'hjela' > 'sjela' [shela]. This has also given name to the Shetland-sheep colour 'Shaela', described as having: Dark steely-grey wool, like black frost .
  13. Seems like my Headline was true then, unfurtunately
  14. 'Walls' is an interesting case; was the original name really ‘Vágar’ (bays)? Is it pronounced ‘Waas’ or ‘Walls’? I’ve seen a Danish book explain the meaning of ‘Kirkwall’ (Orkney) as something to do with “the walls of the ancient cathedral thereâ€, and people in Faroe think the name ‘Scalloway’ has something to do with ‘road’ or ‘path’ or something like that.
  15. Apropos "Food horror stories" According to TV documentaries, people in Scotland are the most unhealthy people in Europe, poor diet being one of the factors; does this apply to the Scottish Council of Shetland as well? http://www.straitstimes.com/BreakingNews/TechandScience/Story/STIStory_538835.html I haven't been to Shetland since 2000, but I was in Glasgow in 2007 (I think it was) and I noticed how many overweight people there were, definately more on average than in Scandinavia.
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