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  1. I romanticise living somewhere like Shetland. I wonder who I'd meet, and what kind of different lifestyle I could have. If I had a partner that wanted to do it with me I'd love to.
  2. If that's true how can getting back 75% of what you put in be a good deal? WTF are we in the EU for anyway?
  3. ^I wasn't aware that too many significant powers had gone from London to Brussels, if they have then that's sad.
  4. Fair points, although the British empire was a great achievement that some might argue had nobler aims than preying on the weak. I partly agree with you in that I don't actually want to be part of an EU superstate. And I dislike globalisation. But when we're talking ona a real small scale, do we really need to break up further? Doesn't the system of local government and MP's work well enough? But do you think places like Cornwall/Shetland are simply too small for independence? How would their economies change under indepedence? For the better or worse?
  5. Rather tragic that Shetlanders, Scots and even the Cornish want independence. Who knows what could follow with NI and Wales and devolution. Tragic, I say, because we encouraging breaking up these great isles that once presided over a whole load of the world, in order to become slightly weaker EU member states. I wish Brits would stop focusing on their divisions and unite.
  6. Do you think Shetland is a romantic place to live?
  7. ^Your friends were told by who? You're suggesting the SNP itself is prejudiced against people of non scots/british descent?
  8. Isn't it the case that the English in Scotland are the ones who are bringing the support for indpendence figures down a fair bit?
  9. Anyone been? Anything to share? I really want to see Stockholm, and Upsala too.
  10. ^^If I'm just going to visit, should I stick to city centre? I was considering visiting Didsbury and Chorlton too...
  11. I think sadly there are many more bad ares than just mossside. But somehow it always seemed really interesting to me. I'd like to livein a leafy suburb there, south Manchester apparently has nice parts but property is very pricey indeed.
  12. Anyone been? I always wanted to see what it was like.
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