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  1. Zion17

    Looking for club

    I will also consider B's
  2. Zion17

    Looking for club

    Is there any works league teams needing players this season?
  3. So can i not even sign for another B's team?? and can i not return to the club i was originally registered to?
  4. I didnt realise how badly i would be treated by my original team and was promised a move to Thistle that turned out to be c**p. I cat stand not playing, any ideas?!
  5. I cant do well without a club. haha. Is there no one going to take me
  6. I will play in any league, I am a Striker but can also play wide if needed there. I know there isnt too long left in the season but i cant bear not playing. I was meant to be signing for Thistle B but it fell through. If someone can get back to me on here I would appreciate it. Thanks.
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