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  1. I was wondering if someone could advise the best route to identifying some agricultural type land (registered croft would be ok) in the region of a couple of acres that also has some potential for a house site, or an existing house would be fine. In short looking for a small croft, I guess. But they don't really come on market very often, more who you know, etc. Just wondering if anyone could identify some people/organisations it may be worth speaking to.
  2. Hi, does anyone know if B&Q will deliver a kitchen to Shetland? Their website seems to say no, but I thought they came up here and did showcases?
  3. this story is not strictly correct. Shetland households are still eligible for all the assistance with regard to insulation measures and energy efficiency advice. They just won't be part of this new his scheme like the vast majority of homes in scotland won't be. A freephone call to est, sorry don't know the number, will put you in touch will local advice centre and outline what support you can receive.
  4. Yummm, Walls scrambled eggs on a Walls bakery loaf, very westside... and delicious!
  5. How often is the snooker club open? Is it solely a weekend evening thing? Also what are the membership fees?
  6. Hi, I was wondering if someone could recommend someone to call to come and have a look at our central heating - the boiler seems to have packed up. We are in the central mainland.
  7. Thanks for clarification, just thought in the event of this going to full council for ratification it may put her in a difficult position, as she could then be part of the decision making process. (***Mod Edit - Excess quoting removed***)
  8. And What do the rules state about other councillors stating their views during a planning board meeting? I believe a statement of objection was read out on behalf of Cllr Betty Fullerton, surely this is not allowed?
  9. There are nine on the board. I don't think the chairman Frank Robertson voted.
  10. I think voting was as follows: For: Bill Manson, Laura Baisley, and Jim Budge Against: Iris Hawkins, Gary Robinson, Josie Simpson, Caroline Miller and Cecil Smith.
  11. Do we know who voted for and against the support of £25,000?
  12. Recent wholly inappropriate terminology used by those who are opposing this venture has prompted me to write. And before I start I am going to declare an interest in this project; not because I am a crofter or a member of SACL or SLMG but because I am a conscientious meat eater who actually cares about where my meat comes from and how it is processed. Having been in the fortunate position to visit the Laxfirth facility, an invitation that was extended to all interested parties by SACL, I can say that I found the whole process far from “barbaricâ€. Yes I saw animals arrive in trailers
  13. you would certainly need to have it secured down for days like today!
  14. Contrary to popular belief prices are actually lower now than they were before autumn so we should be seeing an improvement as long as: (a) we have not lost our jobs and ( we are not trying to obtain credit beyond our means.
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