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  1. Not too bad here in Voe, haven't seen any drops in speed or performance.
  2. Clearly the company, not Royal Mail are to blame for this.
  3. Nothing is impossible. Have you visited Shetland before? I would suggest a couple of holidays here, one in Summer and one in Winter. That will give you a idea of what the islands are like, and you can tour around, with dog, and see what there is here, plus you can speak to people face on about the islands, plenty of tea rooms to have a jabber with folk.
  4. https://www.mixcloud.com/BBCShetland/interviews-about-the-shetland-mri-scanner-appeal/
  5. I don't believe a fine is warranted for simple mistakes, just recycle the basics they ask for, nothing more, nothing less, and remember, it isn't compulsory. You can check with the triangle on each plastic item. Check within the triangle for a 1 or a number 2. any other number is a no no. http://www.bpf.co.uk/sustainability/plastics_recycling.aspx As for having the wheelie carts collected from the house, you should enquire as to whether you will qualify for Assisted Uplift from the collection crew. email: cleansing@shetland.gov.ukphone: 01595 744891 HTH.
  6. for Mainland, it's the best there is imo but you will, like others, get drop out's for cell signal, and 4G will/should cover all the Islands at some point.
  7. Nothing to see, move along.

  8. It'll be more expensive. We need better support and help within the NHS here as it is.
  9. This seems to be the only outlet for this story http://www.thescottishfarmer.co.uk/news/14551846.More_than_100_sheep_shot_on_Shetland/ Tweeted the news papers and the police for comments on this.. I see Shetland Times posted about it about an hour ago now
  10. Give Peter of Hurson, PJ - Garage Services Industrial Estate Ollaberry ZE2 9RT Tel: 01806 544 214 a ring if you haven't got your car sorted.
  11. I'd say yes, it's criminal damage, and you should report this to the police, whether they'd do anything, well that's the $64,000 question..
  12. Why not give them a ring.. or is this Jim flushing for business? http://www.islesat.com/aboutus.htm
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