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  1. Strictly come farming..........
  2. Its not only Citroen with a strange business model. I went in to a local Vauxhall dealer to buy a new Vauxhall Mokka. I was quoted a price which, even though it was higher than the price I'd been quoted on the mainland, I accepted as I wouldn't have had to go down and get the new car and take the old one down etc. etc. and I was keen to buy locally. I asked for a part exchange price and was told that I'd have to come back as the car would need a 20 minute inspection (even though they'd regularly serviced it and MOT'd it the week before). Went back on the pre-arranged date and though they
  3. Does anyone know of any independent financial advisers in Shetland with knowledge of Civil Service Pensions?
  4. Does anyone know who can repair a Whirlpool American Fridge. I've tried Geordie Robertsons and they don't. Robertson and Peterson and Appliance rescue no longer service White goods. The freezer is fine but the fridge doesn't seem to be working though there is power to it and the light comes on etc.
  5. Just adding my two penneth and i'll now call it a day and sign out. I can only suggest that spending three years worrying about not knowing the answer to a question that doesn't really affect my life is not the thing to do. Mareel is up and running, doesn't appear to be leaking noise and all is well. Have a lovely Xmas and a great New Year all.
  6. Just been having a chat with a nephew of mine that plays in a band (a very loud band). In every venue they go to they do a sound check and also check if there any local restrictions/byelaws etc. and adjust as necessary. The operators of the venue also have legal responsibilities regarding noise nuisance etc. Some pretty full on bands have played up here in public halls etc. with no soundproofing at all. (some within a short distance of residential properties) and I haven't heard of many, if any, complaints. A state of the art, purpose built music venue such as Mareel must be the exception
  7. After reading many of the posts on this thread I was expecting the worst but having visited Mareel recently to see a film I can only say I was well impressed. I managed to get a car parking space right outside, the prices were reasonable and the staff friendly, the ambience in the Cafe area was good and it was a pleasure to sit and have a decent cup of fresh coffee whilst enjoying the view. The film was lengthy but I found the seats in the cinema very comfortable, sound was excellent and the screen well big enough. Overall an excellent experience which I will no doubt repeat in the near
  8. Does anyone know of any companies that insures timber clad houses. All the main players seem to shy away as soon as they hear the house is built from wood. I think they imagine a shed in a field that will blow or burn down imminently. The company I'm with provide mediocre insurance and it's up to £458 per year for a three bedroom bungalow. thanks
  9. Slightly less? I might be wrong but, I have been told that the 'slightly less'(?) pay at the W & J G Eventide home is around £9 per hour whilst the SIC seems to be paying just over £14.. Anyone care to correct me? Yup, I'll correct you. The Wife works for the SIC and gets just under £10 per hour and she deserves every penny of it. I don't think I need to go into detail but I wouldn't do what she does for any amount of money. My Mother is in a care home south at about £600 per week. I'd pay any amount of money to have her here with me.
  10. Went there once with a friend of mine. Trying to explain (with little success) to the doorman that we were ex-forces and that we would like to come in and perhaps join we were interrupted by a lounge bar warrior who told us in no uncertain terms to F**k Off. We did and have never been back since. The spirit of the RBL?
  11. "Have your say on Local News" it says in the title and I was doing no more than that, responding to a Shetland news item which is clearly on the public record and in the public domain through thoroughly legitimate means. I meant no disrespect to the many good Community Councillors out there nor did I instigate a public hanging. I would suggest the man did that himself. I do accede however that these threads can turn into public hangings, just look at the previous one to this castigating the local MP for voting for gay marriage. I was simply asking a question of the local population as t
  12. A guy who was convicted of stalking a young woman last Thursday was tonight talking about the Cunningsburgh shop in his capacity as a Community Councillor on Radio Shetland. http://www.shetnews.co.uk/newsbites/6293-stalker-ordered-to-keep-away In my obvious ignorance I thought Community Councillors should be pillars of the community. What think you folk?
  13. What has being Scottish got to do with it. The rest of the country (and most of the world) are suffering too.
  14. Free pair of glasses? or do you mean buy one get one apparently 'free' I think I’m detecting someone slightly miffed...at something? Was in Specsavers today. You can get a free pair of glasses if the lenses are exactly the same. I wanted one pair for reading and one for distance as I'm not keen on varifocals so the free pair was £39.
  15. Aberdeen Airport handles more than 37,000 rotary wing movements carrying around 468,000 passengers annually. Thats just Aberdeen....Add to that the rest of the Super Puma Fleet around the worlds oilfields and military and with the greatest of respect to those who have been killed or injured in this type of helicopter, the relatively small number of incidents that occur makes it quite amazing.
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