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  1. Could the supporters of Tommy Robinson please read https://thesecretbarrister.com/2018/05/25/what-has-happened-to-poor-tommy-robinson/amp/?__twitter_impression=true Thank you.
  2. My daughter brought up a puppy up from Edinburgh. It did go in the hold and there were no problems, as far as we could tell.
  3. Would you like to withdraw your childish comment, Trout?
  4. I would say they are very different due to geology. Faeroe consists of more recent volcanic rocks, which give the land a layered appearance. Shetland's rocks are more varied and older. Shetland has many voes, which are drowned valleys but not strictly fjords. (With the possible exception of Ronas Voe). Google maps https://maps.google.co.uk/ would be a good starting point to see the scenery of the two island groups.
  5. The webpage you reference doesn't say that Arctic ice is back to normal ... "Sea ice extent for November averaged 10.24 million square kilometers (3.95 million square miles). This is 750,000 square kilometers (290,000 square miles) below the 1981 to 2010 average extent and is the 6th lowest November extent in the 35-year satellite data record."
  6. jz


    Consider reading your own posts before commenting, otherwise you appear foolish.
  7. ^^ That is a trick employed by Sustainable Shetland
  8. jz

    Spl Predictor

    Congratulations HN38 from me as well, and thanks to Tirvaluk for keeping count. Next year I will be predicting Partick Thistle to win every game - not likely to be a winning strategy.
  9. jz

    Spl Predictor

    Wednesday Kilmarnock 0 Hibs 2 Saturday Aberdeen 0 Hearts 1 Hibs 1 Dundee 0 Kilmarnock 1 St.Mirren 0 Sunday Dundee Utd. 1 Celtic 2 Ross County 0 Inverness CT. 0 St.Johnstone 0 Motherwell 1
  10. jz

    Spl Predictor

    Saturday Dundee Utd. 1 St.Johnstone 1 Hearts 0 St.Mirren 1 Inverness CT. 1 Motherwell 0 Sunday Ross County 3 Celtic 3 Dundee 2 Aberdeen 0 Kilmarnock 1 Hibs 2
  11. jz

    Spl Predictor

    Aberdeen 0 Kilmarnock 1 Dundee 1 Hearts 0 Hibs 1 St.Mirren 0 St.Johnstone 1 Inverness CT. 2 Motherwell 0 Celtic 2
  12. jz

    Spl Predictor

    Friday 19th. Dundee Utd. x Motherwell x (Too late, I would have gone for a home win - and I would have been wrong). Saturday Kilmarnock 1 Hearts 0 St.Mirren 2 Dundee 1 Sunday Celtic 0 Inverness CT.1 St.Johnstone 1 Ross C.2 Monday Hibs 1 Aberdeen 0
  13. jz

    Spl Predictor

    Wed.3rd.April Kilmarnock 1 St.Mirren 1 Friday Inverness CT. 1 St.Johnstone 1 Saturday Hearts 1 Ross County 0 Celtic 1 Hibs 1 Dundee Utd.1 Aberdeen 0 Kilmarnock 1 Dundee 0 Motherwell 2 St.Mirren 4
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