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  1. Go on and complete the survey - it takes about 10 minutes, and the the more people that complete it the more accurate and useful the results will be.
  2. The Singing Ringing Tree - East German children's television at its weirdest.
  3. You could try http://www.tay-cad.ltd.uk/ run by Mark Fuller.
  4. Yes, my understanding also. Due to the isostatic rebound of Scotland and Norway after these areas have been "unloaded" by the ice sheets melting, Shetland is caught in the middle and being flexed downwards. Shetland's sinking at the same time as sea levels rise.
  5. Quote from the bottom of page 3 "The Shetland Independent Newsletter has no political or religious affiliations." However, looking at the keywords in the page source for page 1, "Euro-sceptic, anti-Europe," are amongst those listed. Can you be Euro-sceptic and anti-Europe without being political?
  6. I thought this already had a thread
  7. That'll not explain why the first time I saw Rangers fans do that type of salute was to Spurs supporters ... who were waving the Star of David flag. BTW, some Celtic fans are just as bad as some Rangers fans. Bigotry has no place in modern society.[/b]
  8. How many people read "Captain Pugwash", and had the theme music go through their head? You may have to be a of a certain age, though.
  9. Likewise "drew", from near Glasgow. Shetland is a better place by being largely free from the narrow minded sectarianism that is found in some of the people in the west of Scotland. The answer is clear - support Partick Thistle!
  10. http://vil.nai.com/vil/content/v_138711.htm Sounded too destructive to be true ...
  11. And does the SIC really need a "Assistant Chief Executive" - the council got by fine without one before. It's all jobs for the boys as usual.
  12. jz

    Top of the Pops

    Perhaps a wee bit of an exaggeration ... All new music? It went downhill when it was moved from half-past seven on Thurdays.
  13. jz

    Great Guitarists?

    Make sure you include the at the end of the quote.
  14. (Emphasis added) Who was being "aggressive or insulting"?
  15. The banning of Segatrix is unjustified. He or she has posted some provocative but well argued posts which may may have been contrary to the views some other posters. So what? You can't just ban someone because they're winding you up. I read this to mean the admin of this forum are not open to reasonable arguments. This makes you sound pompous. If this is such a "vital" tool let people have contrary views - do not go off in a huff. Waiting to be banned...
  16. My understanding is the council has an obligation to provide an education to those of schoolage. If the children are of primary age on Papa Stour then the Primary School there would have to re-open. Anyone know otherwise?
  17. Who he? The DG (Director General) of the BBC (I think)
  18. I agree, the main point in getting a DAB radio would be for the extra stations. There is no point paying for a radio that will only get two stations that you can already get on FM. I listen to BBC 6 Music though the TV and a freeview box, but obviously can only do this in the living room where the TV is. Would it be that much more expensive to broadcast the full range of digital radio stations?
  19. Why shouldn't it be in the public domain? It's our money so we should know the running costs of the facilities.
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