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  1. Work, in common with most people I suspect.
  2. jz


    Ach, wasn't logged in.
  3. jz


    Saw them three times in Glasgow in the late 1970's and went to Rockaway Beach and to the junction of 53rd and 3rd when in New York as a kind of pilgramage. Still worth listening to, but they were at their best when Tommy was the drummer. Gabba Gabba Hey! etc ...
  4. I use openoffice.org at home and Microsoft office at work. Don't see the point in paying Microsoft for software that you can get for free and works fine.
  5. I don't No No (I'm one of the few t-total aetheists in Shetland, I suspect)
  6. I agree, but all loans adverts I'd say are verging on immoral. The "debt consolidation" type target people who are aleady in debt and encourage them to get further in debt, say be getting a holiday or a new kitchen. If you are in debt the last thing you need is more debt. At the risk of sounding like a Daily Mail reader we need to get away from instant gratification and buy stuff when or if we can afford it. Just ask the staff at citizens advice what they think of the ease of getting loans.
  7. a dog .... but I can't be bothered to google to check
  8. One to annoy mac users. Crash different indeed. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-7148748849652085555&q=Mac Probably need broadband for this.
  9. Swimming. And yes I'd say that walking's a sport.
  10. Bought my last desktop from them. They were fine.
  11. jz


    Whatever. It's all tennis - the most boring and pointless sport (to watch anyhow).
  12. ... and Partick Thistle are still in the cup. Com'on the Jags!
  13. The words "friendly", "vibrant" and "scenic" are what I associate with Fair Isle. It's no wonder there is such a queue to live there.
  14. It should have been left alone. It was probably going to die anyhow, and should have not been prodded, lifted and annoyed in the attempt to save it.
  15. Shouldn't think so ... At least I don't think it would be the most important reason. I'd have thought cheaper housing, clean(er) environment, comparitive safety and ex-shetlanders returning home would be more decisive in a decision to retire in Shetland.
  16. I'm one i.e. I came in the sooth-mooth of Lerwick Harbour almost 20 years ago. As has already been said - it depends on how the term is used.
  17. There are many young Shetland bands that would enjoy and benefit from recording sessions (a la John Peel) that could be subsequently broadcast locally. Anyone from SIBC or Radio Shetland want to try this?
  18. Unlike most illnesses, one that is caused by your own actions. Certainly provide help and treatment for people with alcohol problems, but the individuals affected have to accept personal responsibility. If Charles Kennedy had done so earlier the other Lib-dem MPs would be more willing to support him. I'm (generally) not a liberal supporter -this will do their party considerable long term damage.
  19. Anchovy = very salty fish - a bit of an acquired taste.
  20. Yes! Cool and juicy, although not as good as a seafood pizza.
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