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  1. Can I suggest everyone contacts citizens advice in Lerwick about costs forced on us when buying sooth? They are compiling complaints about delivery charges
  2. I too have had a horrible experience of getting inr done whilst away. My sisters doctors practice still take blood from a vein and the nurse certainly didn't welcome me with open arms due to the lack of a suitable vein! Had a few dodgy places to get blood taken over the years earlobe toes and legs are not my favourites
  3. I have taken warfarin since the age of 9 I am now 40plus!!!! and I must admit the system that is used ie the coaguchek machine is amazing. I personally trust it and my GP and nurse 100%. I have had in the past to get blood taken from a vein then take the sample straight to the Gilbert Bain which at times was difficult living in the country.
  4. I know your problem is sorted now but I've had brilliant service fae the lerwick laundry who have someone who does repairs/hems/adjustments etc and very reasonable prices as well.
  5. You are spot on with your comment Scy guy Jamie IS stayin at Whitedale. And as for him not gettin into the county team Jamies face has just never fitted where thats concerned even when he was younger!
  6. Everyday by Slade Galway Girl by anyone who sings it love love love love it!
  7. my son and his girlfiend who both work are lookin for a place of their own. they had an appointment with council and the person interviewing asked the following questions are you drug users are you alcoholics do you have bairns are you pregnant do you live with your parents now in my simple mind if they had answered any of the questions as yes they might now be living and payin their way in a house of their own. they are thoroughly demoralised at applyin for every single house hjaltland advertise. at present they live between the two family homes and a solution is allowing them part of our house to live in which understandably they do not want and yes i do know loads of people who have "conned the system" to obtain social housing. but what can i or they do about this answer: nothing ( i did phone hjaltland when i had info which they ignored )
  8. Very well said Malcolm, at last someone else fully agrees with my thinking process! And like you the rest of my opinions are unprintable!
  9. Leasks had petrol at £1.50.9 at teatime tonight went to sutherlands and it wis still £1.46.9 but was told it would go up some time this week after they got a delivery. We are being totally ripped off!
  10. I wasn't happy with the disabled parking. Went to co op and wis lucky to get a place but most of the cars there had no disabled badge. Went to complain and was told it was designated for disabled drivers but they could only stop other drivers using it if they had the manpower to do so.
  11. All NHS staff for helping me in my difficult times and to my family for putting up with me. To you all i will be eternally grateful.
  12. I thought if you didn't fill in the forms you got fined up to £1000 maybe I got that wrong but I sure as hell can't afford a fine so I'll fill it in.
  13. hellsbells


    As bobdahog says there is no excuse for the way his friend was treated but I on the other hand being a "serial" in and out patient in GBH have only ever heard nurses being verbally abused on the ward twice and both times the patient was out of it on something. I have never had to wait more than 10 minutes for help and attention whilst in a ward and only have the utmost praise for nurses cleaners doctors and everyone else that was associated with my stays. On the other hand whilst in Aberdeen I waited for an hour for a commode to be brought to the bed for me and I had to argue with the auxilliary to get it. I was bedridden and needed a bit of dignity and not using a bedpan as she wanted me to gave me a bit of independance. She was very rude and shouted quite loudly that I was in tears. I was told by other patients to complain about her and when I did the ward manager said they knew what she was like but she was a great help with any patients who were out of control.
  14. Stoichkov in my opinion there are loads of guys who play fitba in Shetland who are great players (and as equally as good or even better than some of the present Shetland team) and would love to be selected to play for the county team but aren't. I think there should be an open training policy to allow players to train then through their own sheer hard work they might get a chance to show their skills and potentially get selected.
  15. My sister works in Lerwick and lives in Walls she made it with care this morning. She said from Tingwall and on roads were no bad. She also said that there are 2 boats in so anyone stuck in Aberdeen waiting for a plane can't even transfer to the boat tonight unless one goes during the day. Also been on 60 north webcams as hubby and son are due hame on flight at dinnertime fae Aberdeen and Sumburgh runway is fairly clear and being gritted/cleared. Hope everyone keeps safe oot in this weather.
  16. Who knows how the team selection works is it just no a case of if the manager rates the player then they get picked? If that is the case then maybe a more fairer way should be devised. Only my opinion though
  17. Maybe the new manager when appointed should look at the team selection. In my opinion the team should have a selection process that is open to all players in Shetland who would like to be included for selection.
  18. I seen the tree at Freefield today and did a double take bit early is it no?
  19. well done Ivor and well done to the Whitedale team!!!!!!!!!
  20. A school party went on boat on sunday and some of them have the bug noo.
  21. the smell o the bread coming fae ma kitchen right noo is amazin
  22. I'm going to Canada in September to see in laws. I've never been and am really looking forward to it.
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