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  1. Well done Mareel on not charging for the auditorium. Good news for the fundraiser too. On the food front - never been stopped from taking my own sweets into the cinema anywhere else.
  2. I've been to Mareel twice now. Once to the cinema - which in my humble opinion was all that we needed. It was a very pleasant experience, although 'Do not bring food not purchased at Mareel' is a bit of a cheek I think. The second time was on Friday night to the auditorium for a Zumbathon in aid of Breakthrough Breast Cancer. The floor was sticky and in my opinion dangerous for a dance exercise class. The staff said 'It's been mopped several times, all we can do is apologise.' which at least acknowledged the problem - which apparently had been a problem for a week! I don't know if the problem is the type of flooring or what was spilled on it the previous Friday but I would suggest they need to get it sorted!
  3. Bumping this up - who's coming? Dance yourself fitter, raffle with some great prizes and fun while raising money for a worthwhile local cause, Disability Shetland. (Bring a water bottle!)
  4. An explanation as to why emergency lighting, etc in a council building has to be tested on a Saturday - on overtime? and why the black bags were delivered by 2 men in a council van on a holiday (today) presumably on overtime too would be a start.
  5. There is a proposal to increase fuel tax by 3p a litre in August. So far 28 MPs have said they will oppose this, Alistair Carmichael is not one of them. I've just emailed him about it to ask him why through this site: http://action.fairfueluk.com/page/speakout/ammendment-ask
  6. Paul - I'm delighted the event has another sponsor. Whether the money goes through my team or not it all ends up in the same pot trying to find a cure for cancer. Thank you for your donation.
  7. Here you go Paul: http://relay.cancerresearchuk.org/site/TR/RelayForLife/General?team_id=1853&pg=team&fr_id=1116 and some photos here: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150850154544822.417239.722304821&type=3&l=873f0c73f8
  8. I would contact Rowena Samuel at the Bruce Family Centre in Lerwick. She has lots of info and help for both wannabe and established childminders.
  9. The school I work in was quoted £325 + VAT to deliver one small table this week - guess where we're NOT shopping? Apparently it would need a pallet and this is the cheapest quote they could find!
  10. I live locally to Tagon Stores yet hardly set foot in it under recent management. The fuel costs were high and they didn't sell skimmed milk so I had to stop in Brae on my way home and just bought everything I needed there. Scott and Phoebe have dropped the everyday fuel prices (I'm not talking about their promotion, just the day to day price) and they are taking in skimmed milk to order for me. I am now visiting the shop at least 2 or 3 days a week. This is how they are increasing footfall in the shop - by listening to their customers and doing what they can to supply them. (By the way the plums were lovely and I hope you have some left!). My daughter also buys her fuel at Tagon now, although we both use cash to do so as buying cheaper fuel and then paying more to pay for it seems a bit daft! The fuel promotion day is a gimmick granted - they are trying to bring attention to the ridiculous price we pay for our fuel, despite a lot of it hitting land on the island in the first place. If a few people also find they like the service in the shop in the process then Scott and Phoebe will have found some new customers, but selling fuel at a loss is not going to make them any money. When speaking to Scott he was saying that after the reaction on here he was thinking not to do the promotion again. I have assured him that the posts on here will not reflect the opinions of the population as a whole and do tend towards the negative, which is a shame because Shetlink had great potential as a shared community resource. I do agree with the posters asking for a section for shops to promote themselves and their wares. I like to shop locally and it's good to know who is selling what. Good luck to Scott and Phoebe, I hope they continue in the vein in which they have started, friendly, approachable and looking after their customers. Just what you want in a local shop, I hope they can look past the negativity and see that Shetland is a great place to live and work.
  11. Don't banks charge businesses for paying in/ counting in cash? Not been charged for paying by cash yet!
  12. If they were staying at home the council would be paying a lot more for a school in Fair Isle!
  13. Hear! Hear! We had 2 cuts today, one of about an hour and one of about 5 1/2 hours - lots of board games by candlelight! We could see the boys working in a field above the house so presume either the line or a pole was down.
  14. I bought a sports camera for my son in the Camera Shop for much less than it was being sold on Amazon. Mind you - I only went in for a memory card and got distracted ...
  15. I received in the post this week my usb pendrive which had apparently fallen off my keyring at Mavis Grind on Sunday when we were walking the dogs. The finder had looked at the contents and hoped I was the owner or knew who the owner was from info on it but there was no name so I don't know who to thank. I really appreciate someone taking the time and effort to return this to me and would like to say thanks - hopefully he/ she will read this!
  16. My son's phone has just died - probably from being soaked at the bannock! Looks like he will need a replacement and as he is going to NAFC in a couple of weeks I was wondering what networks work around there? Here we use vodaphone 3G through the sure signal and Orange works too, so either is an option at the moment.
  17. Dean Gilfillan in Weisdale will also supply you with feeders. food, bedding, etc. Depends on how many hens you are thinking to have - a small shed with a perch added and nesting boxes added - hole cut in the side of a plastic drum works well and can be kinder on your back for cleaning and you can get inside on bad days! Keep an eye on the paper and Shetlink classifieds, there are often point of lay birds advertised.
  18. I think you will find in my original post that I did thank ALL the staff involved. I do appreciate that it takes more than front line staff to provide a service. Why is it so wrong to give praise when customer service is given a priority instead of pushed into the background? Everyone is quick enough to post when things go wrong. Exam results are due on a certain day across the country, why should Shetland's children be at a disadvantage and a day behind the rest of the country in being able to contact UCAS and advice services? Text results were available to those who signed up to the service, and were only supposed to give the results the morning of the delivery of the paper copies but a blunder meant they went out early giving those pupils a day's advantage as it was. I know our postie was subjected to flack as the first delivery was made without results and appreciated being thanked when delivering at our house for the second time that morning - because I was told so. This is one of the reasons I made a public show of thanks on the forum - to compensate for those who are quick to be negative and find fault where none is due.
  19. Can I say a public thank you to the postal staff who went more than the extra mile today to make sure that exam results were delivered on the right day. Fog stopped the important envelopes getting to Shetland yesterday and they were put on the boat instead. Our local posties in North Mainland went back to the sorting office and collected them mid-morning after they were collected from Lerwick in a special run and then they did a second delivery to make sure pupils didn't have to wait another anxious day. As far as I know this was repeated across Shetland. From a parent - thank you!
  20. If Lerwick really wants to be welcoming to the cruise ships and their tourist dollars, perhaps an effort should be made to co-ordinate the dates and times of the ships coming in with shop opening hours. It must be pretty dismal coming ashore to find the shops are all closed on a Sunday. My OH drives the tour buses sometimes and says passengers are often disappointed they can't shop or even have a cup of coffee in the town.
  21. got 2 for my son and a friend within 1 minute of going onto the website this afternoon.
  22. When you get to Shetland you won't find any premium member only caches - not yet anyway! We had a great event in Michael's Wood in Aith today and there are over 70 geocaches in Shetland now of all kinds.
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