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  1. Not for my car. It can quite happily travel over any of the new additions at 20mph without suffering any form of catastrophic failure. Or even a jolt or bang. Good for dee....... I just thought I'd point out that whatever inadequacies you suffer due to your car or driving style it does not necessarily mean that everyone does likewise. Thank you for understanding.
  2. Not for my car. It can quite happily travel over any of the new additions at 20mph without suffering any form of catastrophic failure. Or even a jolt or bang.
  3. This might be more relevant on the R-word thread (so mods feel free to shift it - not that you'd need my permission, of course) but there's now a campaign to clamp down on the use of 'gay' as a negative term. http://celebrity.uk.msn.com/news/call-to-clamp-down-on-gay-word
  4. I always put winter tyres fore and aft on my VW Golf 1.4 No idea what the transporter would be like. Also can't help you much with the road conditions north of Lerwick though that area (Lang Kames) is furthest from the sea so may be more prone to icing...?
  5. Stirling is a nice peerie toon and reasonably compact for a wander around. I presume free bus travel would apply once you get into Glasgow from the airport. Or how's about Saltcoats/Troon or somewhere down the Ayrshire coast?
  6. No, you didn't. You said you were disgusted by the level of workmanship then admitted you hadn't even seen how part of it had been carried out. One thing that IS disgusting is the abusive, racist terminology used by both yourself and sarahp1993.
  7. Whilst I agree with you in principle, your argument may be more valid if it didn't use misleading images. For example by comparing the green and red circles (with apologies to those red/green colour blind folk) by using a circle of twice the diameter (approximately) for the red you are actually showing an area four times larger (approximately).
  8. I have never, never , never heard of the Fort Cafe and Takeaway being referred to as 'The Fort'. Fort Charlotte is The Fort - the chip shop may be referred to as The Fort Chippy, but never simply 'The Fort'.
  9. ^ Like Also agree with the 'Below the Fort car park' description as the clearest (for locals) or 'where Commercial Street becomes Commercial Road' (if that's an accurate description) for the non-locals.
  10. And keep an eye on your children. http://embraagain.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06/not-my-words-troubling-train-trip.html
  11. Whether or not Spinner said that does not make it true. I'd suspect that for a fair number of people this would have been their first experience of using SBO. Or at least their first experience of using it for such a popular event where demand was always likely to exceed supply. I might be wrong.
  12. Fully agree with Karlos in the 'switch the rear foglight(s) OFF when you see another car's headlights in your rear-view mirror' summary. As for front foglights...if it's too misty to see with just dipped headlights...then slow the **** down. They aren't some sort of invinciblity cloak. Also - sidelights...what IS the point of them? All they seem to do is encourage morons to switch them on and think they're suddenly hyper-visible. Worst invention ever...unless someone can convince me they have a relevant use.
  13. I can't believe that there isn't a software solution e.g. a small time delay whereby if you click on number of tickets required you're guaranteed to find them in your basket.
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