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  1. Google me Surely not... http://www.shetlandtimes.co.uk/2013/03/10/agency-is-on-the-game-in-lerwick
  2. http://jimllpaintit.tumblr.com/
  3. I notice the Scalloway galley had glowing eyes. Wonder what technology was used?
  4. Onybody lookin' fir a last-meenit idea fir a squad?
  5. Allegedly . (I refer to the amusing Bielefeld conspiracy). I thought I'd been to Bielefeld in 1980...now I'm not so sure.
  6. This thread has turned into a bit of a car crash. And bug - whichever 'we' you mean...you don't speak for me.
  7. Another vote for Arnold Clark if arriving by boat.
  8. I'm sorry but I really can not interpret what you mean by that emoticon. Help, please?
  9. Chuck can also mean 'throw' as in 'Chuck the ball over here.' Lincolnshire. North of England? Really? Personally I hate, and I fully accept that it is not entirely rational to do so, your use of 'sarf' and 'peeps' on this very forum.
  10. I think every driver should have a regular competence test regardless of age.
  11. ^^ So if the correct spellings of Forth, Peroni, Hoegaarden, Heineken (and possibly others - I've not checked in minute detail) had been used and if Brew Dog was accredited to Aberdeenshire rather than Aberdeen...you'd not really have much to complain about - would you. Ah...other than Tennent's being described as "Glasgow's finest". I'm sure everybody knows the only decent thing to come out of Glasgow is the M8.
  12. My feeling was quite the opposite - that's how to have a memorable 21st birthday. Not many folk can say they've done something like that however I suspect there's more than a few who couldn't even remember theirs.
  13. And to be doubly fair, I was just having a gentle nudge at the timing of Big Mouth's comment
  14. ...easy to find...? You been in lately? They've gone and shifted a whole bunch of stuff
  15. It was, as I pointed out. I wouldn't have thought so. I'd expect so - they're both reasonable people. And g'luck with the uveitis.
  16. I'm going to slightly hijack this thread to point out that there IS a Shetlinker who goes under the name MJ so credit for the referencing should go to MuckleJoannie (which I'm sure was obvious to almost everyone anyway). And back on topic...
  17. Calling you out for bullturdtery is my problem? No - you repeated some unsubstantiated gossip.
  18. That's where I stopped giving any credence to your opinion. Well, on this basis you can stop giving credence to 99% of what happens in Shetland....... More sprootle Kavi. If something happens - it happens. I give no credence to things that you 'hear' and report your opinion thereof.
  19. That's where I stopped giving any credence to your opinion.
  20. That's about 70 kg-worth. And sorry, I don't know any local suppliers.
  21. Brilliant - well done Luke.
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