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  1. I think she was called Jessie Sinclair...could be completely wrong though.
  2. If I re-worded the question to ask what do we have here (anywhere on Shetland) NOW would that make any difference?
  3. Do any naturalist folk ken exactly what wildlife we have native to Shetland in the way of polecats, ferrets, mink, weasels, stoats, whitterits etc? We nearly ran over a polecat tonight and it got me wondering just what we do have here.
  4. Good shout penfold. Firstly the preposterous 11-1 voting mechanism that guarantees the Old Firm get whatever they want...or at least ensures they can veto anything that could provide even a modicum of fairness. That MUST change. I'll leave you with a quote from a poster on a Hearts forum regarding the distribution of TV money that sums up pretty much how many feel about the Siamese twins. ...and no, he didn't say 'pootle'...
  5. Ach, I suppose we'll joost hae t' big anidder een...dinna tink we'll see onything lik shield #2 on next year's een
  6. Wadder - variable Worries aboot getting da galley fae A-B-C-D-E-F-G-brunt - considerable Blydeness - immeasurable Bairns, bairns - dat's been wan most splendid weekend - so far,,,
  7. All the best to Kevin and his lively squad for SMUHA 2012.
  8. Really? Could you quote the parts where religion are mentioned? Seriously - read the article again and then tell us what bits you find untruthful... For me, this is potentially the greatest chance the authorities will ever have to level the playing field in Scottish football and ensure that the Old Firm leeches don't continue to suck the life-blood out of the game. Do they have the will? I'm not holding my breath.
  9. Would you care to elaborate which parts of the link you find to be speaking anything other than the truth? Your dismissal of the contents with nary a comment cannot go unchallenged.
  10. What d'you call a Glaswegian superhero? Quality man
  11. muckletrow = large troll http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v31/fireaza/unsuccessful_troll.jpg
  12. BBC showing their true colours - again. Never have the twin ass-cheeks been epitomised so nauseatingly as in this footage from our so-called National broadcaster. 'Nothing else matters' -aye, you've made that clear enough you shower of brown-nosed, OF-centric lickspittles.
  13. Thanks for that, moggers.
  14. In that case - as far as I'm aware, and bear in mind this is only for a small car-towed trailer, my one doesn't need an MoT though it does need to be roadworthy i.e. tread on the tyres, lighting board working etc. It needs to have a lighting board with rear lights, stop (braking) lights reflectors indicators and a number plate light. It has a separate plate (with the same registration number) as the towing vehicle. My trailer has no VIN or papers whatsoever. That may be of some very minor help...but as I say...that is all I know about. Larger trailers - you need to be aware of the weight of the towing vehicle etc.
  15. I've never emigrated...well I have but I was only 6 at the time so didn't have an awful lot to do with the logistics of the move...but I'd be tempted to sell it and see what you actually need when you get here. Especially if the cost of transporting it is going to be considerable.
  16. 4 of us enjoyed them from as close as we could get. Seemed to be some new styles among them. I'd give it at least a 7/10
  17. paulb - would you feel even just a teensy bit responsible if someone followed your ill-informed and incorrect advice and suffered some form of loss as a result? No advice is better than wrong advice.
  18. Any idea, kirsty, how many of those players mentioned are actually owned outright by Rangers? I'm not sure if Lee Wallace's transfer fee has been paid in full yet. Perhaps Phil McGillivan would have the answer - you seem keen to quote from his webturde.
  19. I don't think the Garrison stage has seen much like that before either
  20. Thought it was very, very good. Festooned with loads of genuine moments. Disgusting? Nah. Racy, raunchy, near the knuckle...yep - but what else would you expect?
  21. Anybody know for sure whether it's on or off tonight? (Wed 12th October)
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