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  1. May I respectfully point you in the direction of your signature.
  2. Errrmmm - I didn't. I just Google Imaged 'old bus Shetland' and chose the one I thought looked coolest. It was on flickr - apologies for not crediting the photographer.
  3. Or another traditional approach... http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5049/5380736126_84d247a715.jpg
  4. And the award for most inappropriately named Shetlinker goes to... Just for you sherlockholmes... http://www.bjj.com/
  5. From Facebook comments I tink it wis Thistle...canna guarantee dat 100% though.
  6. http://i742.photobucket.com/albums/xx64/bagger1970/dog.jpg
  7. That wasn't what I inferred from Spinner's post at all...but I'll let him defend himself as he sees fit. My opinion is that as long as a ticket purchaser isn't being hoodwinked into thinking they're getting something that they aren't - then bash on. Many concerts nowadays are more about the show and performance and not simply the music.
  8. My point was that, in your customary style, you made the leap from your first to second description of Breivik. Why go to the trouble of describing him in the first way only to shorten it the second time? And just so that you don't misquote me or take my words out of context, my feelings are that Breivik is most certainly an evil, dangerous man who shares many characteristics with neo-nazis so could be called one. Wills' salute and outburst, if we are to believe what has been written, was in the worst of poor taste and extremely ill-judged. I have supported him in the past but could not do so any more. If he stands at the next election I would expect the voters of whichever ward he stands in not to forget his actions. I think you'll find the thread is about someone giving a nazi salute - unless you're describing Dr Wills as a neo-nazi. And finally as to your last point...I'll bow to your expertise in demonstrating the behaviour of a loser.
  9. All in the one post. That's quite something, Gibber - even for you.
  10. Just curious to know why it makes Shetland a laughing stock? Oh...and what stereotypes does it reinforce?
  11. According to the Sun article "Last night a council spokesman said Dr Wills "respectfully withdrew his comments". He added: "That was the end of the matter." If this is accurate, it appears that Cllr wills did make the comments. If not I'd suspect legal proceedings to be not far away.
  12. Crew Parade is 1600 Thursday. Esplanade to Holmsgarth.
  13. http://www.tallshipsraceslerwick.com/sightseeing-tours and http://www.tallshipsraceslerwick.com/crew-activities Or there's the rest of the events that are accessible to the general public.
  14. Cracking video - hope it's a big success for you.
  15. Wouldn't that be motivation to make their performance unmissable? Or are they happy enough to turn up and go through the motions? Also doesn't say much positive about the clientele if the bevvy is the most important thing in their night out.
  16. Cruise in Company bit - http://www.tallshipsraceslerwick.com/cruise-in-company Lerwick bit - http://www.tallshipsraceslerwick.com/schedule
  17. Anybody ken when the Inter Coonty match is? Date, venue and KO time would be appreciated.
  18. This is from dacorker on a separate thread... "Ending the Saturday night fever in style in the unique surroundings of the club marquee, (Laurenson Quay) Lerwick, How many times to we get to do this let's make the most of it!! The club spring into action 21.30 and lasts 01.00 The perfect ending or meeting point after a great saturday of music on the island." Now hold on...didn't Gwylim Gibbons try to tell us that imported DJs wouldn't expect to finish before 2am?
  19. Watched some of it and thought it was great. Didn't know you could rewatch any so will be heading to Alesund shortly. Thanks for that David.
  20. http://i179.photobucket.com/albums/w304/sgreen81/1276641279867-1.gif
  21. So what were you offering? Just as a by the way...from someone who was there...I understand the tourists off the ship were delighted with the presence of the Pipe Band - loads of smiles and photographs. Really shows off Shetland's cultural diversity, in my opinion, good on them.
  22. Wouldn't particularly bother me if there was no 'F' in Gaelic either...
  23. Did you not notice they've replaced the old posts with passively safe posts ? Not that it really matters much at this location. No - I was too busy trying to avoid photographers and road sign enthusiasts to notice the posts.
  24. That bears an uncanny similarity to the one that is now to be found at the Teevlix...
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