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  1. My first thought was 8O , followed by 8O again. Would prospective users be vetted in some way? By the 'locals'?
  2. Somebody looking for an extension on the hand-in date, perhaps
  3. Young is relative, is it no'? But if du can mind playin' wi some o da names du's mentioned dan I guess I must be. Yes, specs an aa - never headed a ba for 10 years till I got da contact lenses - still canna header een onywye Played up front in primary/secondary school and for a month or so for Scalloway juniors (nae Ness den) until Peter Grant stuck me at right back for a game - never looked back fae den. Ended up as a keeper on the occasions when naebody else wid do it.
  4. I tink so, but it's a while fae I hung up da boots. Bhoy, wis I DAT memorable
  5. Hmmm, makes my meeting a Sandwick man at the Falkirk wheel on World Cup Final day 2002 seem a bit tame in comparison. Not really travelled that widely to have one of those Huuuuuhhhhhh!!!! experiences.
  6. Just 2 years ago !! Day o' snaw if I mind richt...
  7. Dear God how auld is du? I didna think onybuddy could mind dat far back. Thanks onywy. dB, I must've played wi dee as weel....am I richt?
  8. I hoop du means ON da perk Green or blue strip?
  9. Sorry, yun wis me forgettin' tae log in.
  10. Some names already mentioned but I canna let them go unmentioned. George Leask - touch of class, always had oodles of time on the ball Graeme Sutherland (Jack Halcrow's nephew) - Again a class player Paul Regan - did he not score all the goals in the 1983(ish) inter counties? I.e. senior AND junior? Class. Davie Johnston - I faced a penalty o' his wance 8O John Naismith - played for Sandwick juveniles in the 70s and buggered off before he could make much impact on the local scene but again head and shoulders abune da rest o wis. Jeez, I could be here aa nicht!!
  11. Frankie, I must've played wi' dee an' I hae no idea wha du is!!!! Davie Boof here, by da wye.
  12. Another way of looking at it is to think which player you were most relieved to find missing from the opposition team sheet or to find included on your own. Me? I ALWAYS found John-Lee Fullerton one of the awkwardest b***ers to get the ball off!!! And always delighted when Gordon Lawson would mooch into our changing room, fag dangling from the corner of his mouth.
  13. My biking claim to infamy is that I once wiped oot a yowe wi' a C90 8O Noo hae an elderly XJ900.
  14. Came here for a family holiday in 1970....still waiting to go back
  15. I'm sure JAS can speak for himself but I believe he said he was the passenger on said bike and therefore at the mercy (or complete lack) of the driver. I may of course be wrong....JAS?
  16. Jack Halcrow - Sandwick (1970s) AND he's a Hearts fan
  17. The (occasionally) mighty Heart of Midlothian.
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