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  1. My original query was to ask what was 'technological' about the new sign. My subsequent query was to ask what the 'folly of the sign' was. I notice that both signs (p1 and p3 of this thread) have Scousburgh above Bigton. Now I haven't read Frankie's link in detail, but I would have thought that the sign at Da Teevlix would have Bigton above Scousburgh as it is the first location to be encountered. Still - it does look as though there's been some sort of cock-up even though I'd still maintain that the sign in the OP is perfectly clear and understandable. Granted it doesn't show that the road curves to the left, but if you need a sign to tell you that perhaps it's time to surrender your driving licence. That's the generic 'you' - not you personally, stilldellin
  2. Any chance you could point it out to me as I still can't see what's wrong with it?
  3. I still fail to see what's wrong with it.
  4. As in half-hidden by da new crash barrier?
  5. What's 'technological' aboot it?
  6. I don't want to get into a debate with a cowardly little turd who includes my name in a list of - well, I'm not exactly sure what it's a list of - and doesn't have the balls to stand up and explain why. So, Gibber, you've had your chance. Too late now. For the record, unless you can point out otherwise, I believe my contributions to this thread have been to point out your debating ineptitude and flawed reasoning.
  7. I really don't want to make light of a serious topic, but that typo is too funny to ignore. 100% genuine LOL moment
  8. Tingwall kennels were absolutely splendid for our mutts whenever we went away. Would happily recommend 'em.
  9. Ah - I appear to have been responsible for a lack of clarity. I simply wished to point out that dog owners/walkers should deal with the removal of their doggy deposits rather than the rest of the community relying on the Community Wardens to chase them up.
  10. I'm in the 'Not intentionally' camp. Is that the sort of stuff that might - stereotypically - be emanating from the speakers of one of those boy racer type vehicles?
  11. I would put dog owners/walkers at the top of that list.
  12. If true then another relatively straightforward place to park a van/trailer combo.
  13. ...or ICE, as I believe it's called nowadays. Onybody ken whaur will fit it? (***Mod Edit - Moved to Consumer Advice & Resources***)
  14. This could be a complete urban (or rural, I suppose, to be more accurate) myth, but didn't da Coonty boys put a whopping big stone at the end of each newly-completed stretch of road that they'd constructed? Maybe not quite 'in the hills' but markers nonetheless.
  15. Hmmmm...unroofed you say... http://www.northlinkferries.co.uk/Images/images/sbs-crane.jpg
  16. From SIC officer: The actual wording of the byelaw states that: These byelaws shall not apply - (a) on 31 December, from 6pm until the end of that day; ( on 1 January, until 6am; © on the last Tuesday of January (Lerwick Up Helly Aa); and (d) on the Wednesday following the last Tuesday of January.
  17. This could be a can of worms I'm about to open...but could Unst and Yell have an A player play as a trialist? Question for penfold (I guess, as he seems to know most about the rules side of things).
  18. Mmmm, nope. The bye-law permits public drinking on two days in the year - Ne'erday (or Hogmanay...can't remember which) and UHA. So you can quaff your cider with impunity...best check the correct dates though - you don't want to believe everything you read on the internet
  19. By the thread title I thought you meant trying to get in ower fae hitting da tap o da Soond Brae at 8:45 on a weet schoolday morning.
  20. This makes no sense at all and the use of 'afflicted'...words fail me.
  21. I don't believe I did try to make any excuses. All I sought to do was attempt to clarify a minor inaccuracy in posiedon's statement. If you wish to hear my opinion it is that I believe it is an absolute disgrace that such an event should have been allowed to happen.
  22. Indeed up until recently (if you're as old as me) it was a criminal offence (google Alan Turin) Surely it can't have been illegal just to be gay...there must have been some homosexual act that he had engaged in that was unlawful at that time.
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