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  1. I agree that I have the right to shop anywhere I want & so will continue to shop at the Bargain Centre. I like the stuff they sell, I like the prices they charge & I like the friendly helpful service.
  2. Nobody except Mr. Sissay will ever know his real reasons for so publically attacking Mrs. Leask, but I suspect he's shifted a bra twartree poems through it.
  3. Paulb, What do they have planned & how do you know what they have planned?
  4. Shetland Peat, is there anything I can do to try & help Viewforth? I thought it was all a big secret with the staff gagged - like all sic employees. Is there a petition? I'll gladly sign it even though it likely winna do any good.
  5. Would there be any real need for a new Anderson if the present council director wasn't hell bent on closing the country schools?
  6. I'm not sure if they are still doing it but the Walls Methodist Church had a lovely cafe on Friday mornings. Soup, filled rolls, flycups & truely lovely home made fancies
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