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  1. Anyone got a collie puppy (either sex, not fussy)? If so, please pm me soonest.
  2. My pole cats, (rescued from traps and tamed) love a bit of tinned fish. Preferably in oil. YUM! Having had lots of my hens killed by feral ferrets I am afraid I'd have dealt with the whole family in one go when they were catchable. Either catch the whole lot and tame them down and keep them as pets. or dispatch the lot by terrier or gun. Now I have to keep my head down and wonder what folk would say at using ferrets to kill rabbits....or terriers for vermin control for that matter. There is a very useful service, in England, being offered by a club who take wayward kids and rescue dogs, putting them together and getting them out into the country at weekends and evenings ratting for farmers. The kids don't get into trouble with the police, the dogs are rescued and live fulfilled lives and the farmer gets his rats sorted.
  3. I stay in Sandness, the folk I spoke to were very unhappy at the wreck being dumped. Nederlander, you and I have been told the same story, from the same reliable source methinks. Oh, you may want to take a look closer to home as to whom destroyed your little experiment, I have it on good authority that they are rather close to your "Sandness Assoiciates"! Treachery and betrayal I hear you cry Had the flying debris taken me off my bike, would Forvik's insurance cover my claim? When I first heard of Mr. Hill's research and claims, I thought it was quite interesting, I like History and am always keen to see a talk or lecture, television or radio programme on historical events. I even read various pamphlets Mr. Hill published and some of the articles in his rag. You have to admit it was interesting research. Now I am afraid it has all gone beyond interesting and it is becoming an embarrasment. The folk of Sandness got bored very quickly with that last little stunt. Don't care what you get up to on Forewick Holm, just "don't do it in the street and frighten the horses"
  4. The damn thing has been vandalised and bits are blowing about in this high wind. Bits of it nearly took my head off as I rode past it this morning on my motorbike. Enough is enough. Funny how Mr Hill does not leave his posh new Yaris parked un taxed and un MOT'd Bet that's legal and above board. I wonder how amusing he will find it when he rows himself back and finds his Yaris Fish boxed?
  5. Better be careful he hasn't booby trapped the Land Rover in a similar manner he claims to have booby trapped the island.
  6. Having spoken to them, not having a passport or work ID. Self employed, so know who I am. They will let you on the boat, once, without any photo ID, in exceptional circumstances, but expect you to go and get ID after that.....surely, the folk I get my tickets off know me anyway....I go past them often enough! So, if you kcik up enough once, to let you on a life line service, if we all kick up as much as Mr. Hill does, about everything, in time we will all become notirious...so will not need ID, they will know we are all harmless nutters!
  7. It's not a photo shop job, ...the trowies struck last night. I am amazed, it had to be trowies, no way would that chasis take a jack under it.....supernatural influlences methinks. It is not parked in the best of places.
  8. "radio latrine" also has it that on Monday he barely made it back to the sunny shores of Sandness in his boat. He huffed and puffed and rowed his boat home. I think border control at the Sandness cattle grid and turn away undesirables who dump old vehicles on the roads. If you saw the work the kids of Sandness put in to the Redd Up, then he goes and dumps a whole rotting carcase on the road..... not impressed. It's a two fingered salute to the folk of Sandness.
  9. No, but thinking of setting up boarder control at the cattle grid in Sandness and turning away undesirables who dump unroadworthy vehicles in the middle of the road!...on a bend.
  10. Good point, he's going to need a new craft now, he could set sail in the bathtub, bit more seaworthy than a wardrobe. More stable in the Papa sound than a shower pan mind.
  11. A couple of weeks ago at the local shop I was filling up with diesel and noticed a plastic petrol can by the side of the pump. Two days later the blue plastic can was still there, in exactly the same place. Then a week later I noticed it still there and pointed it out to a friend I was with, saying it had been there for two weeks and was starting to intrigue me. Two days ago I mentioned it to my OH who went red and shuffled his feet and admitted that it was our petrol can, he'd been to the shop, filled up, been in a paid and then left it there, it jogged his memory when he saw it filling up with fuel! So, in spite of all the doom and gloom reported in the paper, utter descent, honest folk abound on the West Side!
  12. What's the most useless item you brought into the Isles. Mine has to be a 12 foot tree pruner and a bronze narrow boat lock key.
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