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  1. Doesn't seem to be the SHEFA cable. I can ping London in 24 ms on it.
  2. Looks like problem is with a BT cable on Scottish Mainland. Seems all of TT is affected. Whilst some of BT is, mainly, if not exclusively, on Lerwick exchange. Faults on other exchange areas may just be co-incidental, as they seem to be largely unaffected. Being a South Bank Holiday weekend, only the skeletons are working and getting answers is difficult.
  3. Well, that's great for them, but I was talking in terms of web access quality Shetland-wide. As JustMe has put it so much more eloquently than I could, Shetland Telecom is only a small niche in the overall market, and by definition only a minority of their customers are likely to be using their internet service during the worst affected 10 hour daily period. The unfortunate thing with Shetland Telecom (as I understand it) is that your averge joe is not really in a position to realistically aspire (especially financially) to being able to access the service anytime soon. Frankly, while Shetland Telecom is a good idea, unless it is made available at more realistic terms to everyone, anyone wishing to escape to stranglehold of BT corner cutting inadequacy is going to find Tooway looking much more attractive. I'm long past imagining BT will have done anything, other than if its going to cost them money, then they certainly won't have done it. The fact remains that prior to accessing SHEFA everything through BT infrastructure was getting choked and slowed to a crawl, once they routed some data via SHEFA most folk started to receive an almost "tolerable" service. Everytime SHEFA goes down and the traffic from it is re-rerouted everything using BT infrastructure falls back to the same choked and slowed crawl it was pre-SHEFA. I won't pretend to know whether the reason for it is some inter-ISP petty politics, penny pinching on BT's part or whatever, the results are the same whatever it is. Folk relying on BT equipment for some/all of their service being delivered, may get a connection when SHEFA fails, but there's a great deal of service degradation up to the point of being unusable for as much as approx 40% of each day, which to my mind is no long a service connection, but an outage, as it has no more practical usage ability than an outage. Mr Ghostie ... Marvin sells 'Wholesale' , but he can't force Retail' ISP;s to purchase. Granted, no way can anyone commercially offer deals like £2.50 a month and the like. But at least one starts at £24.50 a month. A self help group is able to charge its members even less. Time to get yourself a Community BB Company up and running ?
  4. You are on the wind up, right.....?!? I will admit taht I don;t know the financials of the deal, it could be that TalkTalk is more expensive that BT, but the service is better or any number of reaons... PO did not operate their network and still don't so I am guessing that less cost was the attraction to migrate thousands of customers from one network to another? Any chance of that in English? Who is providing the better service, BT or Talktalk? A quick Google reveals:- http://www.information-age.com/technology/mobile-and-networking/2105193/post-office-drops-bt-as-phone-and-broadband-partner That is English to me. TT have their own ADSL equipment in the Lerwick Exchange. They then purchase leased line connectivity to Scottish Mainland. Have they purchaed the expensive auto-backed uo service, or the chepaest available? I can only speculate. Once the kit was switched on they started to move TT customers from BT network to their own TT also sell wholesale to a small number of other providers, Such as Post Office. Any TT users outside of lerwick will still be on BT Wholesale infrastructure, so not cut off, but like everyone else subject to peak congestion.
  5. You are on the wind up, right.....?!? I will admit taht I don;t know the financials of the deal, it could be that TalkTalk is more expensive that BT, but the service is better or any number of reaons... PO did not operate their network and still don't so I am guessing that less cost was the attraction to migrate thousands of customers from one network to another?
  6. Post Office use Talk Talk - much cheapness .....
  7. Hi hairyian, I am aware of this. Am waiting on a reply back from them as I type. Just pointing out that that was the info from the BT / Plusnet outage sites as TalkTalk's one is not much better than "Yeah, it's broken". As there is at least 3 ISPs having faults, it is possibly a fault between the exchange and the mainland. (Surely not the fibre cable been cut again?) Actually it has. It would seem that TT still don't see any need to purchase capacity on the backup cable. I am not aware of any other service provider affected to the point of no service by the cable fault.
  8. Not just you petergair. No phone or broadband with talktalk since Saturday Morning. EE mobile internet still going strong though. Talktalk speed has decreased for me recently from 13-15 mbps to 8 mbps this last week or so. Hopefully thus will go back up when it is fixed. Reports from the BT and Plusnet sites guestimate the 09/01 and 04/01 repair dates respectively. ??? This is TalkTalk in Lerwick ? In which case BT does not touch their kit, only the physical line from exchange to you. You need to contact TalkTalk to report a fault.
  9. The Papa Stour Airstrip must be one of the least used in Shetland - why are we spending tax payers ,money on it when it is not needed ? The ferry appears to be tied up most of the week as well ... sure it could be better used elsewhere. Therby saving even more tax payers money ...
  10. Listening to the parties on Radio Shetland ... A error has occurred and it has been acknowlwdged, hence more time given. Would you rather the proceedings continued with the known error ? Thereby leaving the door open to a Legal Challenge ?
  11. Great start ! What else is in your Election Manifesto ?
  12. Have to hope so. It is surely the only thing holding the road together.
  13. I know what falls within the Act, which is why I asked how it applied in this sitiation ?
  14. Which part of the Act applies to this situation ?
  15. I think the atmospherics this evening was allowing the noise of high flying airliners to be much more easily heard than uisual ? http://www.flightradar24.com
  16. No respect to the judge here ! There was no requirement to have such a license at that stage of the process. Either she truly is incompetant, or not as unbiased as she is pad to be ?
  17. I use Vodafone in Lerwick most days and not noticed any problem.
  18. Vodafone has Shetland based engineering resiurce for routine repairs and maintenance. Where abouts are you getting this poor signal ?
  19. The service affecting fault lasted for about 14 hours. a couple of weeks ago. 3.5 of which was total loss of service, the rest of the time was hardly noticeable. The use of SHEFA by BT is a very tiny part of the network used by BT to get ADSL to you.
  20. There is no service affecting fault in the SHEFA network system. Even if there was, it would not affect your ADSL modem needing a reset.
  21. The 'BT' one will probably be the BT Wholesale one - this will give an indication of what is technically possible on your line. The test above shows what you are getting from your ISP, BT Retail. Tests 'must' be carried out using a wired connection to have any credibility Interrogating your modem/router will tell you exactly what your line speeds are.between you and the exchange equipment. .
  22. Which they have done. But it is much better than satellite, huge capacity fibre optics - goes to London. Absolutely no affect on the Shetland ADSL network.
  23. After a slight false start, routing South on Shefa-2 returned just before 4 PM. Folk not using TalkTalk will probably not have noticed any change from business as usual.
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