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  1. the smell that my grand uncle liked was when they had crushed some terrorists in Aden or Isreal and when they went home they got chocolates.
  2. Islam has nothing to do with it, its weirdos that come to another country and seem to think they can force on people their cloths sense, maybe we should do what they do back home and chop off their hands if they wair that rubbish.
  3. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_rights_in_Saudi_Arabia Can somebody not come up with somthing so we can stop needing oil? If these scum bags are not a reason to get renewables I dont know what is. Fair enough i think they should be able to do what they want in their kingdom, but when they step out of line anywhere else i would stamp on their vile heads.
  4. No one I know that had kitting at school can actually knit now, so that was a good investment.
  5. If its does not work with our society then I agree with you. Plenty of places they can peddle their dressing up, as if I decided that women should not be allowed to drive, i may be in the minority but i would not try to foist my ideas on the majority I would move to Saudia Aradia if i cared so much.
  6. I was not amused that yet again they tried to make out the americans saved our ass. Why did they not call for an air strike? fair enough it would have probally hit the last brittish guy, plus what was he doing while they spent hours trying to shoot?
  7. The majority should rule, so while we are I think opressive cultural deviancies like the burka should be stopped like honour killing, women being second class citizens, etc as people try to introduce here there diverse culture.
  8. You know straight away if someone enters a bank with their face covered up like you describe that are up to no good, its not so clear with a burka, people should not be able to cover up their faces in offical buildings.
  9. Glad we are not in the Euro, wish we were not even in the EU, the drain for what we get is not worth it.
  10. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/asia-pacific/8667330.stm Tjhis is why it should be banned.
  11. Whats the point of investing money if the buisness is going to fail in the end anyway, they would be better off just giving the cash to the workers to divide between themselves. The council can not keep on giving companies money to keep them afloat just because it employs people, they may as well be extra council employes!
  12. Instead of trying to give illegal imigrants a way to cheat the system and an amesty as the liberals want and try to justify people being criminals. What about my idea, I will pay a bounty £1,000 a illegal, catch them the moneys yours, will help some youngsters get into jobs. Plus my other idea do what the liberals want and decalre an amesty then in reality been lieing and when u have them all put them in cages to throw them all out as they should noyt be here. Vote UKIP as im sure these sensible ideas area agaist human rights, should not human rights be lost if u dont act like a human? I think so. Everyone ahould be born with human right but if you dont act like a human u should lose them.
  13. Best thing that could happen, as I like the Koran but i dislike the man made crap that they try and justify ressing like that, Its only as thet were scared of men stealing the best looking ladies, so they covered them all, it has nothing to do with religion.
  14. Im glad that most folk seem to know its all rubbish, its the biggest lie ever told.
  15. Im blide i keen da word unken.
  16. In the end they are only dogs, 2 a penny.
  17. Origionally before clark got picked it was ment to be a small group of councillers who would decide on it, but in their wisdom the rest got upity and decided they would all take part in decideing the next cheif executive (we have never been told who voted for what). I was disgusted when i heard on the radio a few months back that they have decided now that a small group of councillers will pick the next one as it "means they will pay more attention" what da hell were they all doing last time! Plus what does Mr Shannon do but drain our cash as they dont know where to put him but make up a old job description thatmeans he can drain as much money as he does now.
  18. Without the leaks were would not know stuff we deserve to know and it should not be kept in reports that are ment for the eyes of a small cabal, who want to cover things up.
  19. I agree its what most folk think, politicians in private have nothing but contempt for the voters.
  20. Do you just turn up with a team or do you have to register before hand?
  21. It says no where in the Koran that they should wear it, its a cultural thing, so I think it should be banned if it covers your face, headscrafs etc are ok as they dont. People have to see others faces for communication and security.
  22. All dogs should be on a leash when in public.
  23. Bulgaria was mentioned as it was in the newspapers a few weeks ago them going on what a disgrace it was when we spend so much more money. Which i guess it is.
  24. I was forced to do knitting at primary school, what a waste of time it was. Things like this and the music should be organised by the parent and not the school.
  25. I do think Carmichael does a good job but get fed up the ammount of people who vote Lib Dem just because they allways have or their parents do so they do, most dont know a single Lib Dem Policy. I was going to vote SNP but the carry on with the northlink ferries has put me off. Just heard the UKIP guy on the radio who talked a lot of sense plus like their policies and atleast he local for the seat being an Orcadian. But yet again it will be a huge Lib Dem majority. I would like a box introduced in that you vote for none of them.
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