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  1. I used to not have any dinner at school so i could save up my dinner money from the whole week for booze at the weekend.
  2. Underage drinking was a great laugh, loved it, great days.
  3. They are lucky that they are small built so a cat can feed them.
  4. I had a fish supper fae da fort, it wis really good. I got none o dat foreign turd. i.e walk in it and into the kitchen. Stick with what u know.
  5. Sorry i forgot to say that i really agree with the chinese ( and if u complain with some left wing sharn, mind there are billions o chinks) PLus they are such a hard working race, I bow to them, they are better that uk pepole.
  6. Unfortunatly the Eastern block country people in the EU can come here freely as economic migrants, but atleast we are ment to have some control on stopping those from out with the EU as its obviouse to anyone thats what these people are, they addmitted as much if you saw them interviewed on tv. Keep them out, we have enough coming in from the EU.
  7. I would use them and other criminals to test new drugs, as they would actually be paying for their crimes then by helping all mankind find a cure to cancer etc. But Poland are doing the right thing as its currently used in the Czech republic but i think its voluntary there, but those that have it have nearly a zero percent of reofending while the level of reofending with those that dont is very high. As skunnered said human rights should be a privilege, if you do not live within the rules then you should be stripped of this right.
  8. I dread about how many people who get in to this country who mean us harm or to spread division.
  9. Poland approves forcible castration for paedophiles Poland's parliament has approved a law making chemical castration obligatory for convicted paedophiles and perpetrators of incest, sparking criticism from human rights groups. Under the law, sponsored by Poland's centre-Right government, paedophiles convicted of raping children under the age of 15 years or a close relative would have to undergo chemical therapy on their release from prison. "The purpose of this action is to improve the mental health of the convict, to lower his libido and thereby to reduce the risk of another crime being committed by the same person," the government said in a statement. But the move drew criticism from human rights groups. "Introducing any mandatory treatment raises doubts as such a requirement is never reasonable and life can always produce cases that lawmakers could never have even dreamt of," said Piotr Kladoczny from the Helsinki Foundation of Human Rights. The law was approved by an overwhelming majority of 400 with one vote against and two abstentions in Poland's 460-seat lower house of parliament. The bill, which also increases prison sentences for rape and incest, must still be approved by the upper chamber of parliament. But this is seen as a formality as Prime Minister Donald Tusk's Civic Platform party holds a majority of its 100 seats. Mr Tusk first raised the controversial issue of chemical castration for convicted paedophiles in a year ago, after a 45-year-old man was charged with having raped and held his 21-year-old daughter captive for six years. The young woman gave birth to two children, in 2005 and 2007, allegedly the result of having been raped by her father. "I want ... to introduce in Poland the most rigorous law possible regarding criminals who rape children," Mr Tusk said at the time. Seven hundred cases of paedophilia are reported to police in Poland each year, according to justice officials. Poland's southern EU neighbour, the Czech Republic, has voluntary chemical and surgical castration laws in place for sex offenders. Since 2000, around 300 Czech patients have undergone chemical castration, with around 94 undergoing the surgical removal of genitalia on a voluntary basis, according to Czech government statistics. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/poland/6232530/Poland-approves-forcible-castration-for-paedophiles.html The UK should introduce this as well, good on Poland.
  10. ^^^^ It really is a good film, saw it at the garrison, loved it, clint eastwood at his best.
  11. If she had just said that he said somthing racist to her at the same time then he would have probally been punished serverly especially if she was not white or from the UK. The guy described as a 'violent man' did not assualt the person he was argueing with so no idea how him being like that affected his outcome if he actually used no violence.
  12. I think its good to have a pro body (that is not viking energy) as well. So far we have just been hearing from the negative body. I am still undecided on it all, but want to hear both sides.
  13. ^^^^ I totally agree with you, its crazy. Seems to be hurt feelings are more important than a hurt body! Mental.
  14. ^^^^ We should not be made to pay and destroy our way of life for somthing that happened in the past. The Empire did good as well as bad. what about the Roman Empire? The Japanese in world war 2? Where do you stop. We owe these people nothing and should be looking out for our own citizens and country. Keep them out.
  15. I have to pay £164 a month through direct debit. Hell of a price over the year.
  16. These people are economic migrants not asylum seekers. The UK should not let them in. If they were real asylum seekers they should seek asylum in the first country they reach instead of trying to make it to right across Europe to try and get in the soft touch UK.
  17. I think a lot of stuff he has does is amazing and he is talented, but for the last two stunts i think he has jumped the shark.
  18. Suprise suprise the shetland times says "None of the councillors aged 65 or over declared an iterest before backing the scheme". No way you should be able to vote for somthing you will benfit directly financelly!
  19. Quite right: I bet you could make a pile of money selling guns to Columbian drug lords. If it was legal why not.
  20. As long as they can make as much money for the people of Shetland I could not care less what they invest in. I think so called ethics are for the individual if they are that so inclined.
  21. The remit is to make as much money as possible, as long as its legal thats what they should be doing. Ethics should be left for the individual.
  22. http://www.shetland-news.co.uk/2009/September/news/SIC%20saves%20bonus%20for%20the%20better%20off.htm and http://www.shetlandtimes.co.uk/2009/09/16/surprise-council-scheme-to-pay-300-winter-heating-grant-to-over-65s-wins-approval I think its crazy the council have now in their wisdom approved to pay a £300 winter heating grant to people who are losing the old Christmas bonus paid by Shetland Charitable Trust. They should be trying to save money, plus why allways the pensioners and never other groups. Plus are not a lot of the councillers 65 or over so they are infact voteing to give themselves money!
  23. ^^^Thats if its working, it skips half your songs.
  24. Drugs have never done anyone i know any harm, unless you mean the legal ones as i have a lot of alchoholic relations and they all smoke, but the illegal ones have just given everyone a good night (except for the hassel of trying to get them).
  25. I have found drunk Norwegians a total pain at times, keep on making their pressence felt where its not welcome as seems to be the case in this assualt. But saying that the Scottie fishermen are idiots as well.
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