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  1. I know a lot of people who are allways moaning about Shetland and how they are going to leave ect but strangely never do! A lot leave also thinking the grass will be greener ect and are soon back when they realise in a lot of cases its not what they thought.
  2. Gussie said on the radio that Frank Robertson said the complete opposite about the structure that it was not unsound from his time in the Council as a worker. So how could they get it so wrong? Its like one of those dodgey builders who comes in and tells you its all unsound and then says it will be some crazy price to put right! Wonder if its all a conspiracey so that some Council department can now get the building when they move some where else! Wonder if you can find out who was responsible with a Freedom of Information request. Then name and shame them! They must be incompetent to get it so wrong! Do we want these pople still working for the Council?
  3. Get rid of the dogs and spend the money on drug rehabilitation instead.
  4. I allways find it funny most folk think lobsters are red. When they are actually a dark purpley/blue. I hate animal activists as most seem to value animals over humans.
  5. I heard this on the radio and was amazed that they went ahead with it even though it was obviouse to any dope the place was too small! I agree surley some dim wit has to take the blame. But as allways it seems you can make any huge mistake you want in the Council and piss millions against the wall as its not your money but the people of Shetlands. You just carry on. I wonder how many of these so called officials in the SIC would have been sacked many times over if it was a private firm! I am looking at planning and the ferries especially here!
  6. I think there should be a cap on the ammount they can spend on an election
  7. Greenwald in Tingwall is ment to be haunted, its a ruined old croft up the hill behind the Tingwall school. A guy was ment to have strangled someone there. Neil Anderson was on the radio a few weeks back speaking about Windhouse, he spent the night there and saw nothing, cant say I would have done it! But he said about others who had stayed there seeing and hearing strange things.
  8. I was reading somthing the other day about the £100,000 the council donated to India for the tsunami relief. It struck me a that this is somthing that people themselves should donate to, not local authorities with peoples money. Is surley up to the individiual and not the Council. I would think that Shetlands money should be spent on Shetland, if they had a extra £100,000 they should divide it up between all the old age pensioners in shetland or towards the CAT scanner or somthing like that. Not donateing it to somthing which has nothing to do with Shetland. I think people should give to charity, but just feel that its shouldent be the Shetland Islands Council so that some councillors can feel good about themselves and go on a jolly. I see that Orkney Council voted to not give money as they didnt want to set a precident and felt they couldent be seen giveing away money when they are complaining about excessive expenditure.
  9. Styles


    The cement mixer is allways good for a laugh.
  10. Mabey smokers could take up chewing tobbaco and we could have spitoons in all the pubs.
  11. Think i will start watching hollyrood live now in the chance of some of those wind bags getting flattened by falling building, makes politics far more fun!
  12. An important Knight templer scroll was found in the Orkney Masonic lodge, so there may be some here. There are Knight Templer links at the Tingwall graveyard on some ancient grave stones haveing inscriptions.
  13. We are at the top of the food chain so we in theory should be able to exploit any animal we want for our own needs.
  14. As long as the DVD is very graphic, it may help. But i mind watching all mannner of films that were ment to put you off drinking, smokeing etc and they did nothing for me. I think they have to be more graphic and shocking to do some good.
  15. I am all for animal testing, anythiing that can help humans. Also think they could makey test some of this stuff on life prisoners, it could be a way for them to pay back society.
  16. To many children are kept alive after child birth with major abnormalities or illnesses who would naturally die. there should be some sort of guidelines to those you let die as they will have no quality of life and those you try to save.
  17. I would legalise the lot in some form. But have it only avilable to over 18's and the same rules of use as alchohol for driveing, being at work etc. Think if the police were not spending there time on the drugs problems all the other work they could be doing. the ammount of tax's the government could get would be huge. Huge ammounts of organised crime would be destroyed. the ammount of folks I have seen use drugs are not criminals, they have done nothing against others, just want to enjoy themselves. they have jobs and have normal family lifes.
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