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  1. it will be that is clear if you think they will protect fishing and not get a deal on financial services then you are deluded. Agriculture will be sacrificed as well to a certain extent when you look at the GDP on financial services then you can understand that’s why this country is completely knackered we have little in the way of high value manufacturing going on these days as they keep telling us we are supported by the London tax dodgers
  2. They are waiting on the new owners of 60 north getting up and running I spoke to them last week it’s all been a bit of a shambles really my car has been booked since 2016
  3. Be interested in the costs involved Lupine
  4. Well fixed link is not going to help me in Fair Isle. So a one solution fits all will not work. We all filled out that daft survey recently and were told the transport links didn’t meet the Scottish government’s minimum standard as we couldn’t get out for a night out and back the same night they just don’t live in the real world these consultants. What we did want is a way to get a vehicle bigger than a car onto the isle and get livestock off to the mart in a reasonable condition. That was lost in the consultation though and they came up with Sunday flights as the answer. I mean an agricultural community that can’t get a wee tractor in withought charter is just a joke. Now the council has earmarked a huge budget to design a new ferry that they can’t build because they don’t have the money so why waste the money designing something that by the time you have money it will be out of date. Frustrated yea that kinds of sums it up. As for attracting young folk. Well it kind of depends how you classify young. Under forty would be good.
  5. They import the natural grain spirit so no they do not distill it on Unst rather they re cook it adding ingredients so yea bit of a con really http://www.ginfoundry.com/interviews/stuart-nickerson-shetland-reel/
  6. I am not sure about that George it does not make it clear on the website but as Joannie says im sure the raw spirit is imported as is there whisky and it is watered down to the required % content and flavoured
  7. No really a Shetland product George shipping up a load of spirit and throwing a few berries in there
  8. checked mot history on them all fiesta is a nightmare others don't seem to bad
  9. Sorry Admin I know this discussion is way off topic but one thing I cant understand is the complete hatred of outside investors in hotels etc. Taking a walk through Lerwick you can see how far it is behind anywhere else in the country even Orkney is streets ahead of family entertainment with food etc offered in pretty decent local pubs the simple fact is if local hotel and pub owners don't up there game then national brands will see a market and hoover it up. Competition is good the customer benefits most of the time.
  10. oh lord some mad buggers here im no lover of any politician but by god gimmie something a bit closer than westmonger with open and independent mp's and get that party politics in the bin right now represent your local area never mind what the party line says
  11. Can't answer that until we know what life looks like after leaving
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