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  1. It wouldn't have mattered where it was located or if it was a simple t-junction, traffic lights or a roundabout, someone on this forum would have been up in the middle of the night plinking on their keyboard pleepsing about it.
  2. ^^^How do you know there is plenty room for it at 'The Upper Esplanade' ? Be careful what you write because some folk actually believe what they read on here
  3. Although I've never heard it called ''the Upper Esplanade'' , I think most folk who stay in Shetland would work out where that is pretty quickly. Not sure if I would have sussed out where 2 and 6 Commercial Road is though
  4. I see is on the list... That's an old list.....check the UHA Bill tomorrow
  5. I think the restructuring done this time last year to save on wages only applied to management level and quite a number left voluntarily or took a pay cut or were 'promoted' to a post with more responsibilities for the same pay.
  6. ^^Hope you didn't use Google to find out all those facts and figures then. Imagine supporting a company that avoids paying tax !
  7. ^^ What I'm saying is you'd be hard pressed to find somebody who has not avoided paying tax at some time. You are quite right to point out it is morally wrong, and if all the tax which big companies avoid paying was paid, the country would be in a much healthier position. It's the rules that need to be changed to stop it.
  8. ^^^ Ever had somebody do a homer for you for cash ?
  9. Seems they weren't after all, and it looks like rangerstaxcase website has deleted all but their most recent blog on the matter. Here is one written after the verdict. http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/after-rangers-biggest-ever-win-1447935 ''Rangers will be clobbered they had said. The verdict will be damning. Rangers will be shown up as cheats, they squealed. It’s clear now who the guilty parties are and Rangers are not among them.''
  10. ^ or was it this one ? http://www.tuc.org.uk/workplace/tuc-17767-f0.cfm
  11. ^^^^ http://www.shetlandtimes.co.uk/2012/09/18/sandwick-parents-call-for-rethink-on-school-closures Quote South Mainland Cllr. Fox''If I felt the consultation process was going to be carried out in a truly inclusive form, with really good ideas taken onboard, I wouldn’t have a problem with the consultation process, but I don’t have that confidence.†OK, so they are asking for folk to come forward with ideas but Cllr Fox has no confidence in the consultation process and Cllr. Smith refers to ''political will'' possibly being a hurdle to one suggested option. It seems these two Councillors are open to ideas though.
  12. ^^^ I assume this option would also reduce hostel costs substantially too ?
  13. Why not forget about building a new AHS. Refurbish the existing AHS at a fraction of the cost but do it well. Change the AHS to only go up to Secondary 4. Keep the existing rural Junior Highs but change them to go up to secondary 6. Bus the Lerwick secondary 5 and 6 pupils to whatever rural Junior High they choose. Close Bell's Brae and Sound Primaries and move them to the refurbished AHS. AHS will then take Lerwick pupils from Primary 1 right up to Secondary 4 same as rural junior highs do at present. I don't know how many Lerwick pupils stay on for 5th and 6th year but it must be less than the number of rural pupils they intend to transport. This would also mean a much smaller percentage of pupils would have their education disrupted by having to move between schools. Rather than having a few half full rural school buildings, two Lerwick schools would become completely empty with good potential to be sold on for other uses.
  14. Frankie

    Spl Predictor

    Might be more interest in a Scottish Division 3 predictor
  15. I wonder who could be telling you that regularly
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