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  1. I see that Global-mind.org is run by Roger Nelson of the PEAR lab at Princeton, I think he is part of the app team so guess they are trying to take the project to the next level by getting mass results.
  2. Recently read an article (PC Magazine) about a mobile app that is being released soon with the backing of Princeton, MIT and a bunch of diverse interested parties. The app is simple and creates an RNG (Random Number Generator) in your phone and then monitors the output. The software looks for spikes in the average RNG on both local and global scales and will then try to correlate it with events to see if their is a link. There is a fair bit of evidence that random number generators are effected by events and the experiment is trying to link this to consciousness, I guess its poking into quantum theory/telepathy/faith or however you want to label it, but they are trying to keep it fun and lightsome. The app will give feedback to the users about spikes occurring in the RNG-osphere so its not just them using the people running the app, everyone sees whats going on. There are many ideas how this can be used - possibly to predict natural events for example, earthquake prediction is a big interest. Take a look at the link below if this interests you. I find this pretty fascinating stuff, the idea of investigating how consciousness interacts with the world may lead anywhere. For it to be really interesting on a local scale as well as globally though it needs other people in Shetland onboard so if this interests you have a look at the link below, and also if you know anyone who might find this interesting please pass the link on to them, the more people in an area who sign up the more relevant the data will be. Entangled
  3. I now have "Fibre" from BT. Approximately 1 mile from the Cunningsburgh exchange. Happy with that. I renewed my contract in August. When I rang back at the beginning of October to check if the info on Digital Scotland was correct and the exchange had been enabled for high speed the person who arranged my switchover also reduced my contract cost by £10 a month. Odd but pleasing. http://www.speedtest.net/result/4780128382.png
  4. I bide in Cunninsgburgh and like the majority of folk in the district live on a single track road with no verges and no lighting. My kids are expected to walk to the primary school on said roads as the council deem that walking 1.4 miles of unsafe, unlit road every weekday in winter to be ok for small children. With that in mind (In reply to the OP) I don't really see fitting special lights to people's houses as a very worthy project. Get the lights off, save money and as an added bonus remove the orange blot from my northern horizon. If that's a problem for old and disabled folk in town they could do what the old and disabled folk (And nearly everyone else) in the country do - don't wander the parish in the middle of the night.
  5. Mr Wills is a bit late in the day with this observation, its been going on for decades and to be fair to todays kids, they are driving cars that are a lot safer and a lot less powerful than people my age were driving when we were young. The first due to technology and the second due to insurance going through the roof. How many bad accidents have there been in the town caused by young people who were sober? I can't think of anything that leaps out recently and it sounds like a waste of money. I also think that it goes on far less, I can't remember seeing many wheelspins when I've been in town and its pretty hard to do handbrake turns in todays front wheel drive cars anyway. As to Zebra crossings, visit Tesco and see how many people are morons who have no clue what stripes on the road mean - and its not the youngsters who are guilty, bus drivers routinely park on the crossing outside the door which is selfish and stupid when you consider the parking for folk with kids is just next to the crossing now. I recall a few years ago, when my own children were small (I had one in each hand) almost being mowed down on the crossing outside Muddy Bay by a woman who looked about 50 driving a 4x4 - you just can't regulate for idiots and blaming young folk is a pretty ignorant stance.
  6. The President of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso, has been on the BBC this morning saying what I thought (John Swinney on Sunday Politics disagrees) was unequivocally that Scotland would have to apply to join the EU and get all 28 countries to agree, which he thought might be near impossible given that other countries do not want to encourage separatism. Barroso also said that as a new applicant Scotland would have to join the ERM and take the Euro as currency (Swinney also saying this wouldn't happen). I feel pretty uncomfortable listening to John Swinney as he sounds like he's making it up as he goes along, not good.
  7. I think what Ghostie says is fairly accurate. I looked at this a couple of years ago with a view to mining them - which basically means you are outsourcing your hardware to a 3rd party to, for example, process medical research (Similar to the SETI project). They in turn pay you with fractions of bitcoins which you can then spend. At some point in the last few years the algorithms for processing developed so that graphics processors rather than cpu's were the most efficient method and some of the heavy miners were building what were essentially high powered gaming pc's to mine bitcoins on. The currency has been volatile as it was a bandwagon for a while, and then there were security questions which caused fluctuations, but it sits outside any tax regime which has obvious attractions. Is it a con - no more than any currency is, maybe even a little less.
  8. Suggest you try reading the thread before posting next time. Gas Plant/Sullom folk have not been mentioned by anybody, its about Travelers of the caravan/tent variety.
  9. Driven past it before, its a pretty imposing building as it used to be a church. It was the First Free Church of Scotland to be built, with backing from the Earl of Zetland I think - hence the name which is a nice touch. I had a look on the pub website and they do a lot of real ale/guest beers etc so hats off to Weatherspoon in this case. Its not the only reference in the area, not sure of the history but there also used to be a Zetland Hotel (changed name to The Grange Manor now) near Grangemouth that was formerly a residence of the Earl of Zetland iirc - stayed there 15 years or so ago for a week and seem to remember reading that in the blurb.
  10. What I could really do with is an adapter plate that gives access to the master socket, so I don't have to leave the lower face plate hanging off permanently. It looks very messy with a microfilter hanging from the master socket and the plate hanging off.
  11. The last time I had a chat about this with one of the fine people at the Newcastle call centre for BT/Openreach was about 6 or 7 years ago and she told me then that if the fault is found to be on your own side of the Master Socket there is an automatic call-out fee of £140, so its probably a fair bit more now. She was more than helpful and told me how to find the master socket and check which side the fault was on, in that case it was in my house. One of the problems with telecoms wiring is its very fine multi-core copper and the cable is not always secured, so the weight over time can pull the wires loose. I did open up some of my sockets following that conversation and found a loose wire eventually. There was no way at that point I could leave the router at the master socket as we had old phones and thick stone walls that meant the wireless only covered half the house. The availability of mains boosters has really changed that as I can now plug Sky anytime, the X-box, and the desktop into the LAN, have a spare LAN socket with a USB splitter for anything else and a wireless booster at the other end of the house giving us decent coverage. It's cost well over a £100 but so far I think its been money well spent.
  12. I recently, out of desperation caused by the dire service of the past few months, moved my phoneline and router to the master socket. The router is a new one that is more sensitive than the last and was dropping the connection a fair bit which pushed me to try this as a permanent measure. Due to the poor location of the master socket I also invested in some boosters that work via the electricity main, 3 with just ethernet ports and one with a wireless booster. Got to say its made a difference so my own internal phone network must be a little ropey, still getting some slow speeds but minimal dropping of connection and the ethernet connections work noticeably better than the wireless did previously.
  13. What do you mean by Warm/Hot is the big question? Also, how long are you thinking of going for - a long weekend or a couple of weeks? I go away most Octobers for 2 weeks so will answer in line with that. The only destinations from Aberdeen that I would go for in October are Dalaman in Southern Turkey, or Tenerife. Barcelona might be lovely and warm, it might not though. http://www.holiday-weather.com/barcelona/averages/october/ If you're willing to go to Glasgow/Edinburgh there's much more choice, all of the Canaries are a safe bet, if the sun gods are kind it'll be high 20's/low 30's. I prefer Lanzarote as it has a lot more to offer culturally, its quite volcanic and barren though so if you like greenery its not the place to go. As mentioned above, Cyprus is fairly reliable for October too, and there's lots to see, I've been there twice in October and the temp ranged from 22-26. The past 2 years the Northern Med has had warm Octobers so the Balearics have been good, I personally wouldnt risk it though as 2 weeks in the sun in October is my annual dose of Vitamin D so I go further South. You also might want to check out when the resort/tourist facilities start to shut down in your chosen destination. If you're going nearer the end of October a lot of the mediterranean resorts/towns are closing up - the hotels de-staff, some close completely, a lot of restaurants shut etc Trip Advisor is a good place to check for this. Be warned - if you go to the Canaries in October you will very probably meet plenty of other like-minded Shetlanders
  14. I've been away since Monday, but was home during SHEFA event and online all the time, no downtime. Sunday 15th was like a bag of spanners though, terrible connection all day with a number of drop-outs. I'm in Cunningsburgh on BT. @Unlinked - I havent used a BT router for a long time, I found home-hubs too sensitive, the 2 I had dropped out continually. Currently using a netgear but can't remember model as I'm away. I've also noticed from travelling with work a lot that the wireless cards in my laptops have very variable preformance with different routers. More than once I've used my phone as a tethered wireless receiver and found it holds a connection where the laptop card won't. This isnt a range issue, the phone just refuses to drop a bad connection as easily as the card
  15. http://www.pcspecialist.co.uk/ I can recommend this company. There is a forum on their website, have a look on it, register and ask questions. Very helpful community and the support given to buyers is excellent. They specialise in custom building gaming machines but at very good prices, phone them up and the sales guys are very knowledgeable and will keep you right. I bought a custom built gaming laptop from them for about 1200, the equivalent Alienware spec would have been nearly 2k.
  16. I would disagree. I lived in Sandside and Mossbank many years ago and Mossbank is much nicer - it feels like a village, whereas Leaside and Sandside are 2 housing estates plonked on a hill. The houses at Maidenfield were originally built for BP staff and in their heyday were very nice, best the OP can do is see for him/her self but Mossbank is bonnier than Firth if you're thinking long-term. Lower Maidenfield is also only 100m from the school.
  17. Thanks folks, no need to break out the spare router then
  18. Anyone got problems today? 2k ping to Europe for me, everything very slow since about 11am when we had a dropped connection. I'm in Cunningsburgh.
  19. Anyone know when the market leaves, not home until Friday.
  20. http://www.shetnews.co.uk/news/6614-shetland-stars-in-hollywood-thriller I read this novel when it was released so my memory of it is a bit hazy, however, it was pretty enjoyable (If outlandish) and well suited to the big screen *IF* its done in the right way. I envisage the "right way" as being a cross between the Irish TV series "Single-Handed" (Which is like a very good version of "Shetland" if you missed it) and Se7en, with maybe a sprinkling of Twin Peaks thrown in. If that makes any sense Anyone else read the book?
  21. Mair lik Lun (as in run) - a
  22. Any idea when/if it will be spreading to the sticks?
  23. Given how poor the novels are I thought it was ok. I think they were right in not even attempting Shetland accents as a bad job of it would be worse than using random Scottish accents as they did. The artist license used on locations wasnt too bad and I'm kind of looking forward to tonights conclusion. The overlabouring of local history and culture might be necessary to the plot but I found it grating, I guess that the 99.9% of viewers who live elsewhere wouldn't have felt it though. Another nice boost for tourism though hopefully.
  24. Perhaps the OP is actually Ann Cleeves?
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