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  1. And Appologies for my abbreviations being dyslexic means the predictive typing an abbreviations are easy to communicate with
  2. Dear shetland Pete I think u will find u bullied me into this, who gives u the right 2 say who is and is not from this island and who cannot view items in the local community, no shame on me, freedom of speech
  3. I think you will find i was booked for only having 13 friends, having a name change and asking y i wasn't aloud 2 join and I hv the evidence of this, not due inappropriate language, inappropriate posting, so I personally find that is judging as I was blocked and not aloud 2 reply,
  4. Having been blocked from the shetland pages on facebook for leading a private and not having enough "friends" who should b able 2 judge? My life and commitment 2 this island, I hv personal reasons for this and y should I b judged for it Would love 2 know other peoples feelings, on the subject? Should some1 b able 2 say who isnt from hear, or who cant veiw shetland pages,
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