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  1. Teensy bit late to the party with this one but Zamzar does a great job of converting anything to pretty much anything! Images, documents, ebooks, music, compressed, video presets. You don't need to register, it doesn't spam you with anything. You do have the option for signing in to have storage or something but you don't need to. Just drag your file over, tell them what you want to convert it to, and where to send the link when it's done. It's usually just a few seconds. I can't fault it. https://www.zamzar.com/
  2. I got half a litre from Laings about 3 years ago, wasn't much, less than £10 I'm sure. I did get a funny look, but it's great stuff
  3. Once I was very nearly squashed by an old couple driving the wrong way, into and alongside the traffic, toward the postoffice. Hmmm.
  4. Well, all is fine this morning so I guess it's fixed...
  5. Any water leak in the south end? Mains pressure is very low...
  6. Last week the Viking was closed due to the vandalism of the public toilets, and was staying closed until they were fixed. Does anyone know if it's open yet? Thanks!
  7. Back to normal, hurray! I had noticed a BT fault notice earlier in the week, but that said it had been sorted. Still, all good now. It's nice to know it's not just me!
  8. Anyone been having problems for the last week or so? I have normal dowload and latency during the day but in the evenings is around 200-300 ms and the download speed halves. Sumburgh exchange/Plusnet.
  9. OK I get that, although I'm two miles from the exchange and still get 6Mb and have an SNR of 6. not quite sure why it's so good but I'm not complaining! I am excited by fibre, I guess the 'rollout for the rest of Sumburgh' means people on the Sumburgh exchange who are directly connected will get cabinets in their area (hopefully!).
  10. So what does it say for people who know they have a cabinet? I don't see any cabinet details at all, not surprisingly. [it also says my download range is 1 to 3.5Mbps when I get 5-6 Mbps?] http://www.speedtest.net/result/3850752677.png
  11. So near yet so far. I'll keep a look out for cabinets sprouting in my area then! Don't suppose anyone has come across a map of cabinets in Shetland? Or is that a closely guarded Openreach secret?
  12. Oh well might be a while, doing some digging and it seems if you haven't already had your cabinet upgraded it might be a while. This map (zoom in) shows the planned rollput of Shetland, though they seem to be a bit ahead of time. (2013) The next phase of work on Shetland will start in the second half of 2015 and this will connect more people in Sumburgh, Cunningsburgh and Lerwick, it will also take services out to a number of new communities including Voe, Symbister, Brae, Scalloway and Sandwick. From here Any of you ordered it/got it yet?
  13. Nice! Did they have to dig up the roads to lay fibre to them?
  14. Yay Sumburgh enabled and accepting orders, but not for me. I guess that my cabinet hasn't been upgraded. Thing is I don't ever recall seeing a cabinet yet. Hmmm. http://www.shetnews.co.uk/news/9503-faster-internet-for-some-leaves-politicians-wanting-more [ooo my slinky pic walks again ]
  15. I'm waiting for a reply on the south feeder route. Sadly they have ditched the lunchtime connection back from town, and moved it to midmorning. The next one is the school bus at 1530. I'm hoping they will move the mid morning feeder back to meet the 1200 from Lerwick. Makes much more sense.
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