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  1. Teensy bit late to the party with this one but Zamzar does a great job of converting anything to pretty much anything!


    Images, documents, ebooks, music, compressed, video presets.


    You don't need to register, it doesn't spam you with anything. You do have the option for signing in to have storage or something but you don't need to.


    Just drag your file over, tell them what you want to convert it to, and where to send the link when it's done. It's usually just a few seconds. I can't fault it.



  2. OK I get that, although I'm two miles from the exchange and still get 6Mb and have an SNR of 6. not quite sure why it's so good but I'm not complaining!


    I am excited by fibre, I guess the 'rollout for the rest of Sumburgh' means people on the Sumburgh exchange who are directly connected will get cabinets in their area (hopefully!).

  3. Oh well might be a while, doing some digging and it seems if you haven't already had your cabinet upgraded it might be a while.


    This map (zoom in) shows the planned rollput of Shetland, though they seem to be a bit ahead of time. (2013)


    The next phase of work on Shetland will start in the second half of 2015 and this will connect more people in Sumburgh, Cunningsburgh and Lerwick, it will also take services out to a number of new communities including Voe, Symbister, Brae, Scalloway and Sandwick.

    From here


    Any of you ordered it/got it yet?

  4. We didn't manage to get hold of Graham Keith at all last year and just had to light our Rayburn without a service.


    As now it really needs doing, we need to find a backup. I'm sure I heard somewhere about a guy from Orkney who comes over when he has a few on Shetland that need doing.


    There is a name on the Rayburn site and I was going to contact them but it also says Pressure Jet OIl cookers only, and that's not mine! The details are:

    Orkney Aggregates

    Unit 1
    Grainshore Road
    Hatston Industrial Estate
    Orkney Isles
    KW15 1FL

    01856 879054


    Does anyone know if these are the ones who come to Shetland, and if so what is the name of the engineer? Alternatively if it's someone else, does anyone have a name and contact for him? Thanks :)

  5. Cable ship is currently stationary 1.5km off Orkney, South Ronaldsay. It sailed there this afternoon.


    I have a good connection currently. Maybe they have fixed it? Although I suspect someone would have reported it here by now. Well, a repair ship over a cable has to be a good sign :D

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