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  1. Think I recall seeing it on a tourist site that items above the high water mark shouldn't be removed. I always thought that was a Shetland peculiarity, rather than any proper law.
  2. Hello just a heads up... The food in the far corner of the Olive Tree in the Tollclock is going half price. Definitely the Xmas stuff, not sure about the rest. There's stuff like biscuits and chocolates. Yum yum yum. I guess they want the space!
  3. Since I can't see this cable coming down south any time soon, there is no rush, there is no community group asking, just me. I'm sorry if you have heard these questions a million times, I just don't recall reading the answers. Once the wires/fibre/microwaves are in place, would you HAVE to switch ISP. I know you said that not many provide the network. Assuming that there aren't any new players in Shetand, does this mean the only option for fibre speeds would be Shetland Broadband (at the moment). If the wires etc are there, would you still be able to keep ADSL if you wanted and change later? Given what you said about the cost, it looks like a microwave link would have to make the link. There are plenty of farmers and tractors to dig trenches but I doubt they would all agree to have their fields dug up. Microwave being the probability, you didn't answer regarding the hub... would house be wired to a local microwave hub point or would each have a dish point toward a local micro hub, or, would each house have a dish pointing at a mast on the south road? With a microwave set up, are there any limits with distance if there IS a local hub involved? Hope that all makes sense, and sorry again for all the questions.
  4. It's in a good position, but don't the tourist centre and Ninian's already sell local craft stuff? Still I suppose the more the merrier! There is a place near Inverness called Brodie? that is a big craft building with a restaurant. Was over priced, but got a lot of tourists. I was wondering the other day if there was a big place here that could house all of Shetland's crafts and have a restaurant. Coach loads of tourists...
  5. Just wondering, about wandering sheep, how would farmers react if you wne to help a sheep that had wandered off? I mean if you had to go on someones property/field to help a lamb say? It's hard as a non-farmer, non-sheep person how far to intervene. PS, too off topic?
  6. Loads of sheep near me and they don't have any paint markings. There are other fields which are not gated and use for hay/silage. There are currently several sheep with lambs, and I'm not sure whose they are. They are also VERY scruffy and losing their wool - perhaps from pushing through a fence? Wouldn't be much good painting them! Anyway I don't know whose they are and I doubt very much I would ever get near enough to catch one and read the tags Oh! I tell a lie, one farmers has nunbered his ewes and lambs, so they know which lamb belongs to which mother. Being an avid watcher of Adam (Adam's Farm, a slot on Countryfle), it seems he sprays colour on at various times of the year for different purposes... red dots scanned with one lamb, blue for two lambs etc. I bet the police don't have those on an ID chart! I love watching Adam's farm
  7. I love seeing the lambs but I hate it when they escape. First spring here there was a lamb that was in field with its mother, we saw the sheep go over the brow of a hill and the lamb couldn't find it. It curled up by the fence. The next morning we saw someone walk down the hill swinging a lamb by the legs, it had died. That was awful. The follow year we rescued a lamb that was caught in the fence quite a way from the other sheep. There are lots of fields that belong to different people. We told everyone we could think of and no one seemed bothered. After we untangled it it just lay in the rain in the grass - wasn't looking good at all. So we climbed over, and carried the lamb to our porch where it was warmer and rubbed it with a towel - luckily it perked up. We rang round again as we didn't know who it belonged to (though we were pretty sure which field it had come from). We waited and waited and the lamb was hungry... we had no clue what to do with it, so we just carried over to the field we thought it was from and put it over the fence.
  8. We got ours On 'other council' issue... in one area I lived you had to buy your black bags from the council office, which were branded with local authority name. You had to use these otherwise the bin men wouldn't take them. Crossing the county border and we had 3 wheelie bins provided free, one for general waste, one for all recyclable inc glass and one for garden waste. They were collected alternate weeks.
  9. Thanks I think that might overkill though!
  10. I have only known Northlink so I cannot compare with any previous operators. What I do like about Northlink is that you can change your travel dates with no charge. Great for when you find the date you have booked is set for heavy seas! I hope they don't change that, would be a nightmare if a change incurred a £20 admin fee.
  11. Sorry this is the PCAdvisor page and it's for ver 2012 http://www.pcadvisor.co.uk/reviews/security/3333261/trend-micro-titanium-maximum-security-2012-review/ However if you're happy with it then everything's peachy
  12. Did some digging, and PC Advisor gave it 3.5/5 and mentioned an independent testing place. This is their link and the awards they gave and (scroll down for) a comparison of products. http://www.av-test.org/en/tests/award/2011/
  13. Great thanks Any other way? I was thinking of putting long cloches/tunnels in but the wind will not leave them alone... I figurs if I put a net over them and weight the edges with stones, they can't fly off! Also, small hole net over an open compost heap ahould help keep everything where it should be.
  14. Like many I have a net to go over my bin bags. I can think of a few more uses around the garden. Is it possible to get hold of any more? I read somewhere you can ask the bin men to bring you some... is this right, and if it is, are you only supposed to use it on your rubbish? Thanks!
  15. The bus shelters look a mess too, all the stuff scratched into panels No pressure washing is going to remove it. In my opinion this is equally grafitti. Shame.
  16. mean spirited?? Mm ok, I'll add, it's good that you have reported it and I hope the council remove it
  17. Problem is the longer you leave it, the more it spreads, especially if it's in a 'teen hangout'. I've seen it happen I'm hoping to have some friends come up and they have seen the beautuful pics on the tourism sites. Was in town today and realised I'm going to have to apologise for the state of it :S
  18. It's not kept in the fridge Prefer butter to any of the spreadable butter substitutes. I've just never come across one like this! I'll try again when the cows are out
  19. I always wondered why meat is so expensive, I mean how many sheep do we have here? If they want to ship it down south and charge it as premium heather or seaweed lamb or whatever then fine, and I know farmers have to make a living too, but still... On the subject of orkney beef, I've only ever had it once on the ferry and it wasn't very tasty and very tough.
  20. Got some of this to try... it does taste a bit salty but that's down to individual preference. However it doesn't seem to stick to the knife - it falls off (grr). It doesn't spead well on the bread either (was Malcolmson's brown one). So is it always like this or did I get a bad batch? Or is there some knack to it?
  21. yeah it's raining now ohh edit! 1.10am and the best I have ever seen here
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