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  1. Fixed link from my last post: Good Beach Guide ^^^ Click
  2. Have Plusnet, I'm a web surfer/gamer, and don't do too much in the way of downloading (game maps, updates stuff like that). I have a 80Gb allowance and get nowhere near it - 14.16GB is the most ever in one month. There IS traffic shaping but not on the stuff I use, so it suits me. I believe they have changed their packages, I think 60GB is the maximum allowance now, and it's a bit cheaper too. Good service and speed, no problems.
  3. phew I'm very glad there is a sewage treatment works! Happy to be corrected then << click The 'get Involved' page is what started me thinking about the Shetland sewage/pipes.
  4. Pleasant topic... Noticing that Shetland isn't covered in that clean beach guide thingy, I was wondering about them. I mean, there are loads of pipes running from shore to sea, and as far as I know there are no sewage works here? So does all the sewage just get dumped in the sea or something else??
  5. Yes that looks like Good Stuff At our old house we had 2 open compost areas and 3 compost bins. The first one we put up here, despite being next to a wall and having large stones on top and around the base, we rescued from across the field ditch opposite, where the fence saved it from a fast flight towards Norway. It had blown out across the full length of the garden and over the gates, leaving behind a trail of plant material that was blowing merrily from the washing lines! We are now on attempt number 3 Thanks for your suggestions
  6. We'll have to try something, the lawn cuttings alone come to 7 bin bags! It seems very wasteful, and that's without veggie peelings, etc. How fast does a wormery get through your waste?
  7. @ shetlandpeat - why do you keep your compost heap out of the sun? Surely it's better to heat it up to help speed up the composting? Down south we had it it partial shade, but it was much hotter there. We had tons and tons of worms in the compost bins. OK maybe not tons, but definitely a lot! We found that the worms bred inside split seeds, big seeds like mango, they became like nurseries, full of baby worms! Here sadly we are having problems siting a compost bin anywhere where it won't be blown away and are considering a bruck box or two as an alternative. Maybe a wormery in the garage might be better... I look forward to hearing your experiences.
  8. ^ high acid? I hope not! Must find the test kit. There are clumps of sorrel-y stuff that look more deliberate than others Still have to go over it again, Some things we will have to dig up and throw away because of the amount of couch grass in it - garden was neglected whilst house was empty. We have lupins, red hot pokers, london pride, and loads of montbretia Well one lupin but it obviously likes it in the garden as it's going great guns. I guess we'll be trying everything to see what we can grow!
  9. Been sent a PM as well... So far I have Plant A Ladies Mantle x 2 (alchemilla molis/Alcchemilla vulgaris) Plant B Ladies footstool Sempervivum Plant C herbacious perenial of some sort Plant D possibly ground Elder very bad weed Astrantia Plant E Daffodils Plant F Surriks weed Sorrel x2 (assume u meant F posiedon, not D again) ------------- A - looks like lady's mantle B - I have no idea what Ladies Footstool is, can't find it on Google. If you look in the bottom left of the photo you can see the leaves opening out. Sempervivum - could well be although it isn't a very fleshy leaf, another wait and see perhaps. C - still guessing D - could be astrantia, seems to depend on which pic I look at lol E - I don't think this is a clump of daffodils There are daffodils in the pic behind the clump, and we have other clumps just like this, and have also seen them elsewhere. F - Looking at pictures of sorrel and sheeps sorrel, the description says there are points at the round leaf base on one and extra lobes on the other, which don't appear on the leaves in the pic of mine. There is loads of this growing. Maybe we'll have to leave it to grow to see if the leaves change shape. It looks more like french sorrel but mine is stalkier and has a whiter main vein. No idea what Surrik's weed is, again Google doesn't help me. Some sorted, some to go!
  10. Hello, having had a go at clearing a lot of grass from an overgrown garden, we are left with some unidentified individuals. Some we have seen growing in other gardens, and at least one is a weedy suspect! Please could help us by identifying them? [For mods, images are hosted on photobucket and resized to 640x480] Plant A http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w170/MCDizzyKipper/singles/DSC00478.jpg Plant B http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w170/MCDizzyKipper/singles/DSC00476.jpg Plant C - Weed? http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w170/MCDizzyKipper/singles/DSC00477.jpg Plant D http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w170/MCDizzyKipper/singles/DSC00481.jpg Plant E http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w170/MCDizzyKipper/singles/DSC00479.jpg Plant F - Weed? http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w170/MCDizzyKipper/singles/DSC00480.jpg Thanks a lot
  11. I don't think so, might have been at one time but not now. Part of the email I sent to them (a year or so ago now) was regarding call centres and they said it was in South Africa... The sales line I called was UK which was great, but when I rang customer services and tech support to get router settings they both sounded (very) Indian. Still very helpful and sorted want I wanted quickly, mind.
  12. I don't think it's the 'one-offs' people worry about. It's more like what happens if he/she gets a long term illness at age 2, and requires £4000 a year in medicines, to be ok. Then you're glad you took out insurance, rather than having to put the pet to sleep because you can't afford it.
  13. The change over I'm afraid I can't help with as much. I was with Pipex down south, which had to be terminated when I moved. Was a little while before setting up Plusnet here, so I don't know how seamless it would be. I set it up over the phone, as, obviously, I had no net connection. I got a text message telling me the date it would be activated. The other details were sent by email, which for me was really helpful, since I had no connection to get the details for the router etc. A call to tech support got me the details and it was indeed activated on the day they promised; and there were several emails waiting from Plusnet about the new account too. As for consistency from the start, I was expecting 2 weeks of disruption... I had no disconnections and never noticed any problems when using it. My ping was higher for the first week or so, but has now dropped by 20ms, I'm not sure whether this is the line stabilising or the iplate working. I have to say, again, that the line check at my number was 4Mb, at 2 miles road length from Sumburgh exchange building. After the iplate was fitted it went to 7Mb. Speedtest measures a consistent 6Mb. Might be worth you getting an iplate too, especially as it fixes other line problems as well as stabilising the connection enough to get better speeds. One last thing, I emailed them a good while before moving, to ask about their service here. This is the relevant part of the reply: Hope that helps.
  14. I'm on Plusnet Premium, it seems to run exactly as they say. You get a useful web tool thing which shows your break down every day/week/month of your paid for and free data used. There is some stuff at below line speed at certain times of day, but it's not really stuff I use, like P2P, so it was great for me. http://www.plus.net/support/broadband/speed_guide/download_speeds.shtml#premiumSpeeds Surfing, gaming, Youtube, updates, etc, I'm nowhere need 80Gb. Last month I used less than 8Gb. If there should be congestion, data is prioritised like this http://www.plus.net/support/broadband/speed_guide/traffic_prioritisation.shtml. I have only been with them a month and a half though. I have had no problems, my ping is about 60ms, great speed (may be iplate helping this), no disconnections. I'm very happy If you have any concerns I'd ring the sales enquiry line, or the other means of support they have. BTW if you DO decide to go with them and don't already have a referrer, you could use my code for it, I will PM it to you, I'll get a reduction in my bill Oh and you can do a month trial for it so if you don't like it you are not tied it to a long contract.
  15. Sorry not easter saturday, the one before. Half days would explain it, I guess, if you are correct. Strange choice for a half day - I would have thought most business would have been on a Saturday...
  16. I used to have PetPlan, on supercat plan, but they wanted about £24 a month which was shocking, plus changed what I had to pay if I claimed so I had to pay an excess plus a percentage, just because he was over 10 or something... couldn't pay that. So I changed to Greenbee http://www.greenbee.com/pet-insurance. Maybe not the cheapest compared to some but I wanted to make sure he had enough cover. When I told them I had moved here, it knocked £5 off the premium each month
  17. Hello, has anyone been, and do they know when it's open? Was there Saturday and there was no sign of life, and no opening times listed anywhere, and it was all locked up. Emailed them and had no response. The website doesn't say when it's open, but it doesn't say it has closed down either. Has anyone been this year or know if it opens in a particular month? Thanks
  18. I ate my only packet of Maltesers last night but it's a good excuse to get some more!
  19. How did I miss this topic about chocolate and biscuits? Biscuits I used to love but aren't available any longer are Romany... they were round chocolate sandwich ones, with chocolate in the middle... lovely. I used to love Smarties too, when they were Rowntrees. When Nestle took over they altered the chocolate, they are no longer round and the natural colours (rather than artificial) make them taste funny. I love Mars bars when they are frozen solid. They take ages to eat and are divine. I tend to get Maltesers, so I can nibble off a bit of chocolate and kind of dissolve the middle, or just bite off all the chocolate. I love most Cadbury's and everything else, inc Belgian chocolate, but I don't like aniseed. Damn now I want some.
  20. Regarding the aurora sites, I like this one, although I never look as often as I mean to I have made sure to bookmark it now! http://www.gedds.alaska.edu/AuroraForecast/ (select Europe view and refresh if necessary)
  21. The page you are looking for no longer exists. I don't play for real money, just play money on PKR. I'm no great player, I'm not good at bluffing Haven't played on there for a while. I just wanted to change my email addy on it, and they said because once i played a freeroll and came 2nd, winning 6c, that I had a real money account and would therefore need to fax them my bank statement or something. When I said I couldn't cos I was about to move to Shetland, they informed me I would need more documents as I was moving to a different country. Like I'm going to send them that stuff I did get a royal flush though, I have the proof!
  22. just out of curiosity, is this for real money?
  23. lol? never really means laugh out loud does it? I always think of it as something said with a smile... As for saying it, I have a number or foreign friends I talk to on teamspeak, they say it, and it grates, especially when they add extra emphasis to it... **LOL** shudder
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