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  1. ok folks that's great All your help and time much appreciated
  2. Hey that's pretty good, better than what i have now Mine is like Fifi's... That's a Medal of Honor: Allied Assault server if anyone fancies joining me... add 12503 as the port One last question about the link to the mainland... I may have got things mixed up here... Do you have a microwave link to the mainland or cable? It was mentioned on another post further up about another thread to read and i noticed it. Obviously a microwave link is fast but isn't affected by bad weather? ie no direct line of sight? Thanks again for your help and stuff
  3. Not sure yet my sister's family is planning to move first. Bandwidth has nothing to do with latency, the best pings i ever got were when i was on 'fast' ADSL (up to 2mb). ADSL Max includes error checking and this increases latency... so where before i had a 20-30 ping now i have 50... but this is quite playable, and if it stayed like that I would be happy. Online gaming actually uses very little bandwidth, but the latency is crucial for first person shooters... Could someone ping this address for me and post the result? A traceroute would be nice too Even better if they were using Pipex... Thanks for your help and comments
  4. Hello... first post My family is considering moving to Shetland sometime next year. I have done some digging and found most of your exchanges are ADSL Max enabled (up to 8Mb). Obviously speed etc is dependent on distance from exchange and line quality at it is on UK mainland. However I also read somewhere that there is a microwave link between Shetland and the UK mainland... and that this affects your connection when it's foggy, etc... I frequently use my connection to play 'first person shooter games' for example MoH:AA and BF2 and have a ping to my server of approx 40-50 ms, average for ADSL Max. Do any of you peeps play online games and how does your connection fare? I'm using the internet all day at the moment and am an admin in a gaming league, the thought of limited access due to adverse weather or terrible latency problems is giving me nightmares!! Look forward to hearing your comments Dizzy
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