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  1. Awesome pictures I was able to see the comet when it was close the the Andromeda galaxy. Never caught it earlier when it was east... but north @1am did the trick, with binoculars.
  2. I would have googled it, but I wasn't expecting to find an answer on it, weird as that sounds. I thought the top post was the definitive info on the subject. Maybe the mods could update it? [As my answer is Streamline, I'll not hold my breathe for a prompt delivery.]
  3. You think? Keep your hands to yourself!!
  4. myHermes... anyone know who the Shetland courier is? I can't see it on the top post. thanks
  5. Been with them about 3 years. No problems. Never noticed the recent fibre disconnection as BT stuff was auto reconnected. I'm assuming that included PlusNet.
  6. Oh my goodness! Can anyone else see the man in the moon, with sunglasses and a goatee? OK you can skip the goatee... but the face?? @Stilldellin - you're welcome
  7. I'm curious about the food. Say I go for breakfast and I hand over £9.95 for a bowl of cereal. Can I get everything else on the menu? Is it like a buffet? So for example, if I was to fill up my tray, and then sit down with a friend and they ate everything except for the cereal... is that possible?
  8. This might be useful for you: http://www.stovesonline.co.uk/stove-hearth-size.html
  9. Ok this has been bugging me... I've heard the word 'wife' used differently to way I would use it. I've heard of the 'white wife' on the road, and even heard a child being called an wife. Soooo what does it mean in Shetland exactly?
  10. Was fine this morning, now I get 'no service' on any channel. I have the satellite cables going into the Panasonic box, and watch via HDMI1, rather than the cables going into the TV (keep meaning to get a satellite cable put into the TV too!). It shows up what the channel should be in text at the bottom, but no picture or sound... Is this just me or is anyone else getting this? OK, never mind I turned it off at the plug in a last ditch attempt... and it worked. no idea why it 'lost' connection, but it's fine now
  11. Pressing Ctrl and 0 (zero) will reset any page with firefox to standard. Ctrl and + or - makes it bigger or smaller too.
  12. I think Peerie Cafe is open today.
  13. Sounds like a plan! Maybe the bus companies could chip in too. I would hate to lose it - even if it was left unheated. Trying to get 6 or so buses worth of people round 5pm under that overhang would be interesting, with teenagers, the disabled, elderly, mum and dads with pushchairs, toddlers... all trying to keep dry and see which bus is in... To visitors, it's going to seem bizarre in the extreme that there is no bus station. The bus routes and times are akward enough as it is without them having someone explain that they can go visit but not get back So many use the left luggage too. Maybe just send all tourists to the town hall for guidance.
  14. I saw it as part of a trailer for 'drama coming soon on the BBC' or something like that, so it's not gone.
  15. Have you tried the support at Panansonic's website? Could be a known problem.
  16. Shetland News reported the problem was at Gremista... http://www.shetnews.co.uk/newsbites/6143-powercut
  17. Regarding Plusnet - is fixed If you still having a problem try rebooting your router.
  18. Slow on plusnet since lunchtime? Twitter Some customers still having problems... (inc me) http://usertools.plus.net/status/archive/1357659718.htm
  19. I'd like to nominate the good folk of Shetllink, who did what what they do best, provide support and suggestions. I'd be stuck without this forum and I appreciate the time the mods and the users put in. Donation on its way And Allan's of Gillock for being open when Lerwick traders were shut!
  20. Jewson website says all stores are different, but searching won't find the Lerwick store. Old LBC website is out of date. I assume that boxing day it will be shut so I can't ring, and thursday, when i want to go, I will have to leave the house before they are open, so can't ring to see if they are open! I don't suppose anyone has a clue if and when they are open this week?
  21. Large spheriod objects. (This is a family forum) oh!
  22. If the item is faulty and you return it they should refund the postage as well. If bought from an ebay store rather than an auction, and the item is returned under distance selling rules, then they have to refund the postage out to you. I know what you mean though I've seen the low prices so they can get to the top of the page, and then stick on a hefty shipping charge.
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