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  1. Was in the other day (buying a rum truffle (or two), and they are open until the end of the year I was told. On the note of speciality bread they do, I saw they had a 'Kazakhstan loaf' on the shelf in the co-op. Didn't look anything different, maybe I should have bought it
  2. True, sorry, indeed last offence was January this year.
  3. The cost of amendment is shocking, if what you're saying is true. I could put up with the rest but bad weather means I would change my travel date, but half the cost of the trip?? The £10 charge would be worth swallowing to have a comfortable crossing but not the half total cost. That's dreadful!
  4. http://www.shetnews.co.uk/newsbites/5935-dirty-delight "These are basic food hygiene failings, they are significant and they do constitute a very real threat to public health.â€
  5. Oh no! I get Malcolmson's sliced brown bread... and their rum truffles were lovely
  6. I liked a Fisher Price tree house, Weebles too (the new ones I saw in a toy recently look rubbish!), marbles - I still have them - some even have names I spent many hours making up adventures for a set or rubber insects... I read a lot too. Some cars, quite a lot of board games and I still have my Happy Families card game, oh! and I had a Rubik's Magic. That was interesting. Do you remember the little plastic toys, like flat trays, see-through, and little balls in. You pulled back the spring like a pinball machine and tried to score high points. How about the ones with water in and you had to presss a button over and over to move around the objects inside? I had a plastic setting craft set, it came with shells, and moulds and you could make keyrings and things. I made a beautiful on with atiny bit of seaweed and tiny white shells. I was warned not to take it to school... never saw it again. Lost or pinched? Who knows Could go on for ever really.
  7. 7.15pm to about 4.30am so about 9 and a quarter hours. I plugged in an old clock radio and left it ready for when the power came on, so I could work out the time it came on Interesting idea about the electricity company, not sure it was long enough, but I will try and find out. //Edit Doesn't look like it. Has to be 18 hours in normal weather, or 4 x 3 hours in a certain number of days, I forgot how many. http://www.hydro.co.uk/uploadedFiles/CoreMarketingSites/Assets/Documents/GuideToServiceStandards20112012.pdf
  8. Maybe they have brought this forward? http://usertools.plus.net/exchanges/?exchange=Lerwick&exact=3656&plugin=wbcdsl
  9. There was a power cut from about 7.15pm to about 4.30am. I know it was further south than Sandwick, but I don't know exactly what areas were affected. I thought there would have been a post about it on here. Anyone know the cause?
  10. Sure I just posted this, but it disappeared! Info via Plusnet for Lerwick http://usertools.plus.net/exchanges/?exchange=Lerwick&exact=3656&plugin=vp
  11. Unlinked, I get DAB, and I'm not far from you Maybe it gets relayed to south end via Ward Hill transmitter or fitful head?
  12. Can I be cheeky and ask how old you are?
  13. Same exchange as unlinked and GR: http://www.speedtest.net/result/2306169138.png Not had any problems for ages except when BT was fidding with a box in the street, and the SNR went up... back to normal now. To Chuck Norris, this is the link for the 2nd line support. It's in some part filled with angry people who post angry comments and don't listen to what is being said. I've always found them very helpful If you do a brief outline and then post any ticket numbers, they will look into it for you. http://usergroup.plus.net/forum/index.php?board=20.0 Another thing, apologies if you have said already, have you tried another router? One final final thing, and I know Hairyian will disagree... I have a BT accelerator face plate added to my master socket. I get seemingly one of the better connections. It's supposed to filter out interference from extensions. I don't have any. For £6.95 it's worth trying it. Read the blurb to make sure your socket is the right one. It need to have a line going across with a BT logo (not BT Openreach) in the corner. See http://www.shop.bt.com/products/bt-iplate---bt-broadband-accelerator-58LT.html I see reports of only being able to get it now with BT total broadband or something, so maybe try http://www.broadbandbuyer.co.uk/Shop/Reviews.asp?ProductID=8138 instead. Install it (very easy) then leave it a couple of weeks and see... if it hasn't worked you've not lost much.
  14. Not that there is a comet here but giftcards except corporate ones are being accepted and stores are still trading, http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-20228579
  15. Chuck, given that BT and Plusnet say the same, have you looked at other possiblilities for slow loading? I mean like someone coming home at the time you give and downloading movies via wireless internet? Have you done malware checks etc? Do you have any silents downloads scheduled you have forgotten about? If you know your ticket numbers, you can go through to Plusnet's second line of support if you are getting no joy. http://www.speedtest.net/result/2291206820.png
  16. I saw that, it was very nice! I tried taking a pic but no way I could fit it all in Having even looked at them! Jupiter is just to the left of the moon.
  17. Doesn't the district heating system burn domestic refuse?
  18. Doesn't seem to work :S Can't find another on google. Are they still going?
  19. Missed it all Great pics! Loads of stars tonight though! Sadly no northern lights grr.
  20. If it's any help, Adblock plus is blocking this script: http://media.fastclickREMOVE.net/w/get.media?sid=26967&m=3&tp=3&d=j&t=n with this filter: ||fastclick.net^$third-party (yes I put the REMOVE in the top link)
  21. Was a big show of northern lights last night apparently, I meant to look, it was 'storm level' 6 earlier yesterday, but I forgot to check when I went to bed. Currently level 5, so don't forget to look tonight!
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