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  1. Same exchange as Ghostrider, but pretty good (although Shetlink seems slow?)... http://www.speedtest.net/result/2206899170.png
  2. Plusnet said I would get up to 2mb when I joined, and I get 6-6.5mb And, it has been fine for ages with good speed and ping.guess it's a local exchange problem you have Speedtest always gives me southern England...
  3. Got as far as page 4... funny though. Frank talk of things we don't like to talk about
  4. Well I stubbornly submit it's a good start. Now BT are bothering to use the subsea cable, and there is a POP here (think that's correct?), it might just mean that other companies and investment follow it!
  5. Just thought anyone (ST or SB) might have had an inkling, but was keeping it under their hats was all...
  6. You might ask the admin bods to answer their email
  7. This might help... shows what you have got now vs what you might get with ADSL2+ http://www.thinkbroadband.com/faq/sections/radsl.html#319 hairyian did you know anything about the content of the announcements? Also do you have any idea of the confirmation date of the exchanges to be upgraded?
  8. I thought it would be buzzing on here with the news... isn't this just what we've been asking for? Connection to the cable, more investment in Shetland? And an ethernet connection in Lerwick thrown in for good measure...
  9. I was referring to a comparison to satellite, reliable but high latency... my fault I should have made that clear. ADSL is OK but I would fancy fps games via space! Arrgghh that should read wouldn't
  10. I was referring to a comparison to satellite, reliable but high latency... my fault I should have made that clear. ADSL is OK but I would fancy fps games via space!
  11. A random google pick... http://www.midgetech.com/
  12. I am in your position, I have a good connection for which I am very grateful. However, the reliability of the microwave link can be a bit poo, so I'd welcome an alternative (a low latency one ). As long as the monthly cost is reasonable. Also, cable now means more opportunities later...
  13. Anyone looked at the gas powered contraptions that are supposed to be VERY effective?
  14. It does look like BT have wobulator problems tonight. High ping time (latency) is the main issue. No problems http://www.speedtest.net/result/2169732186.png
  15. Is it correct that BT lays fibre to the property for new builds?
  16. Let's see what happens... You'll have to drag the pic to see the track. Suatained wind speed at the centre, post tropical storm, is 39-73mph. http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/refresh/graphics_at2+shtml/203645.shtml?gm_track#contents Winds might have dissipated but we should get rain from it, we'll get the actual depression. Doesn't look too bad on Magic Seaweed. Looks it's heading for iceland anyway.
  17. Yes I know that, but lots and lots of places use the biggest town the area, eg B for Birmingham. So, I was just wondering why they didn't use LK1-3 instead of ZE1-3. My experience with various online postal services is that Shetland is the only choice when asked to choose your "postal town". Also, some variations of the postcode lookup seem to append Fetlar as the county for the whole of ZE2! Interesting... I've had mail with Fetlar in the address
  18. I always say Shetland, though many online 'put in your postcode and house number/name' type things often have Shetland Islands. Many of my English friends say Shetlands, if I tell them they are wrong they do it all the more *sigh*. Actually, do you even need Shetland? Isn't it technically like a county? Royal Mail dropped them ages ago? So, in fact you could have 99 Generic Rd Lerwick ZE1 XXX in the same that you would have 99 Generic Rd Oxford OX1 xxx Technically wouldn't even need Lerwick, as long as you have a house name/number and a postcode Quick edit, just thought of something, any reason why is the postcode ZE and not LK? Elsewhere, large areas are covered by 'town name postcodes'.
  19. If you're worried about hurricanes, keep an eye on hurricane Leslie. It's moving up the east coast of USA strengthening all the while...
  20. It's the tail end of Hurricane Kirk - time to raise the shields Sulu http://www.stornowaygazette.co.uk/news/local-headlines/ex-hurricane-on-its-way-1-2503031 Think they are reaching a bit... a lot of the rain we get comes from ex-tropical storms that gets swept up in north atlantic lows... Go backwards on magic seaweed, and the ex-tropical storm rain gets caught up in a depression forming over canada. As it moves across the atlantic it incorporates the rain, and then deepens dramatically much nearer to Shetland. Of course I am no scientist or meteorologist. I just know it's going to get windy tomorrow...
  21. Nearest hurricane as far as I can see is heading for Bermuda... not Shetland Tomorrow is predicted gusts of 61mph down the south end, that's a bit more than we had yesterday. Nothing terrible yet
  22. Time to revive this good old topic Nasty rainy windy weather... windiest day this autumn tomorrow? I assume that's summer gone
  23. not as good as normal, esp as graph went up as you got nearer the end, but I wouldn't have noticed had I not done the test for this post. Had it faster this afternoon. http://www.speedtest.net/result/2154272252.png Retest http://www.speedtest.net/result/2154278899.png
  24. The films here: http://www.mareel.org/watch/ anyone know what timeframe that covers?
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