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  1. Labelling is soooooo much better than it used to be. However, I still think a lot of catering people don't realise about cross contamination etc. Wheat free labels are also no good for coeliacs as they won't indicate rye, barley and oats. Not sure if you gluten free or wheat free... if gluten free and you have a question, send me a PM and I will help if I can.
  2. I like Plusnet's support, tell them you have done their flow chart and it says you need to raise an 'intermittent fault'. This assumes, your synch light is on, you can connect to the internet, that your connection drops intermittently, that you are plugged into the master BT socket via a single microfilter and everything else is disconnected (inc Sky box, etc), that you have tested with another couple of microfilters, and that unfortunately you don't have another router to test with. On the PlusNet webby it shows you the tools they use to check your connection. Someone will ring you back. If you get no joy from there, the second line support people are directly accessible via a forum, given them your ticket number and they will sort it
  3. Yes, I'm gluten intolerant and I've not had any problems. Careful here, not all gluten free products are wheat free. Some gluten free products, especially from specialist producers, use wheat flour with the gluten removed. Fine for coeliacs, not good for wheat allergies!
  4. Not noctilucent, but nice! I like clouds. When I was at school down south I used to have an hour long bus journey, getting home about 5pm. I used to see the clouds and the sunsets, and imagined I had a hidden camera... I had to press my wrist and then I could blink to take the picture. Weird I know but I couldn't bear the thought of missing something that looked so nice! Maybe we should have a 'sky' topic for weather pics... clouds, rainbows, sunsets, sundogs, etc.?
  5. I was leaning the camera against the window. I also confess to increasing the contrast, as the pics came out darker than real life. They look right to me now. It was just taken on the camera's twilight preset.
  6. I *think* it might have been one of the Countryfile photographic competition finalist photos. Ah no it isn't but it's virtually identical to it, called In-flight meal by Richard Steel http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/picturegalleries/3179380/Annual-Countryfile-Photographic-Competition-finalists.html?image=3
  7. Thank you My camera is not the greatest, and several images I had to discard due to camera shake.
  8. Again 2am last night. Is no one else looking for the rare summer only clouds? http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w170/MCDizzyKipper/singles/shetlink/DSC00604small.jpg
  9. The other thread seems to have disappeared? Anyway anyone else been having problems in the last week in the evenings? or is it just me? Web surfers may not have noticed anything, but ping is going from 70-500ms, and I do notice. Router stats are normal. packet loss seems to be ok. Speed is half of my normal. http://www.speedtest.net/result/2071131527.png On Sumburgh exchange.
  10. I remember Surgical Spirit (no s), set in a hospital with a bossy surgeon who always picking on the anaesthetist? That the one? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Surgical_Spirit_%28TV_series%29 Was very funny.
  11. I seem to mind hearing that as the technology meant the cinema was very cheap to run (in the grand scheme of things) there would be showings all through the day if there was a demand for it. Edited for spelling Cheap to run as in digital copy of film, but to open they need lighting and staff on. No evening buses mean it has to be a daytime showing, like many who live out of town. I saw the last Harry Potter at the garrison, the only time I have been. Naturally it was full of young children, which is understandable... but would have been nice to see it without them, i.e. a weekday. MIght be hoping for too much on that one. @ peeriebryan, good news
  12. ...however should they make one or two alterations that would help a lot of people, it would be great I'm sure there are reasons the bus companies have doe it the way they have. Feeders meeting with main services, making sure people get to work on time, etc. I know the minibuses are out doing other things while waiting to be used for the feeder services, like taking out older folk or talking young ones to school. Maybe it's just a question of fitting it all in. Where I used to live I had buses every 10 mins. Moving here meant we had to have a bus service, and although poor in comparison it does make it for it in scenery! I admit twice a day suits me well, I don't think I willl move to Skeld
  13. Isn't the new (first part of the) Hobbit film due in December shot in 48fps, instead of 24fps? Or something like that. I believe to show it in 48fps a cinema needs new equipment. It would be nice if Mareel is equipped for that too, esp if all films end up going that way. However they are making 24fps of The Hobbit available for showing too; and there are some who don't like the way 48fps looks... I hope they manage to have daytime screenings sometimes, and not just kids films on a saturday morning. I would like to have all the Harry Potter films, Lord of the Rings, Matrix Trilogy... Titanic too.
  14. Damn I had a long reply and I lost it somewhere. To summarise, the south feeder bus service, 2 buses in and 2 buses out of lerwick, no sunday service or late service. No access to doctors by bus except on main route. No easy way for tourists to get around, surprisingly. Some places no access to even the feeder service. I assume the buses run to take passages to Lerwick every day for work, and that's about it. It does the job. Down I south I had buses every 10 minutes. You move here you make take the choice
  15. I didn't know it was a surname before this thread Tulloch, is a LIK? I've always said Tulluck... or is it a regional thing. You just get used to the way one area sounds and then you meet someone else from a different area and then you feel like a foreigner trying to understand all over again
  16. Cambs Well think of Pitlochrie, that has the middle stressed doesn't it? I've heard around town an oak sound in the middle and the ch as sh.
  17. Hope the don't turn off the south end transmitter. I get a great signal. *worried*
  18. Sooooo CON-okkies... I've been saying con-NOK-kies Does it actually mean anything?
  19. I've heard all sorts of versions! Please help!
  20. What about using electricity poles? Is that feasible? Not all the houses will be in line of sight of a mast, but there seems to be a lot of poles around!
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