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  1. Devastating news Thoughts are with the family, friends and work collegues, I hoped to wake up this morning to a miricle that all passengers had been found alive and well. Such bravery to the rescue services who attended to. These poor people stuck out on the rigs rely on the choppers being safe for them, I hope a serious investigation is now opened. My father was a rigger for 20yrs, It was always such a worry when they were being flown off/on shore - until they landed in safely and called home. Im sure every other family member feels exactly the same way, to see that newsflash you always dread must be horrendus, One crash is one to many.. but this is what? the third one now?? I have alot of respect for the folk that work offshore., I know I couldnt do it.
  2. I really hope we dont dont get to hear yet more tragic news, this time of a speeding ignorant motorist killing a horse rider... I really hope also that was just some sort of warped sense of humour from you Klanky, of course if it was your own member of family or friends you were passing I presume of course your personal rulings would apply still and you would still be putting your foot down ?
  3. I've never understood the concept of a 'Baby on Board' sticker as some sort of anti-collision device. It's not as if your average driver is thinking "OK, I won't crash into that car today, there's a baby in it. I'll look out for another one to career into out of control...." I find that a fairly high percentage of these sticker bearing cars tend to have so much crap piled up in the back windows, (toys, clothes etc) that they pose more of a danger than the cars they tut at everytime they go past (I'm not saying you are one of them ohpollocks!), and the number of times I've been behind a car with the force-field of the sticker attached only to see the driver turning and reaching right behind them while doing 40, 50 or 60 mph to give little Joey his dummy back beggars belief. Sadly this is very true The idea of "Baby on Board" is that if you have a crash the paramedics will make sure the baby is located in the event of a crash. I have heard of baby seats being thrown some distance from the vehicle in a crash. I never thought of that - thanks for sharing.
  4. I feel exactly the same in mine ! I had to part with the 'love of my life car' to accomodate room for a pram, dogs, grandchildren and tesco shopping ! I still pine for it to this day. the worst day of my life was taking delivery of a people carrier LOL !
  5. Not a patch on "Rear firing AK47's on board" are they. HA! if only !!!!
  6. seafletch I totally agree its really only a sign to say " I will not be driving fast like an idiot as I have a young baby in the car " I guess in the wider scheme of things it does jack to help in any sort of form of safety, I think its just a hope people might not drive dangerously around me like driving right up to my bumper... or cut me up on a bend as I wont push faster then the national speed limit. I had an idiot do just the above only yesterday on a single track bit on the westside. At one point I pulled in for an oncoming car and they went and overtook me then pushed the oncoming into the verge as it took evasive action. the oncoming car thanked me for waiting and did a shake of his head and eyeroll at the offending car. I saw it further along on the horizin reversing back as they had totally ignored a passing place and tried to squeeze past another car. Looking at the stickers on it I presume it belonged to someone in the younger generation.
  7. I drive a pair of corduroy trousers despite having a baby on board sticker in my window and driving at speed limits I get fed up of morons driving right up my backside and overtaking in dodgy places. Idiots in cars come in all shape and forms sadly.
  8. Good luck with your move, There are propeties available slightly more out of the way afar from major employment hotspots for reasonable rents if you are prepared to commute. The drive into Lerwick from where I am is approx 35miles each way. It takes me about 40mins or so and it is a pleasant drive, not like being stuck in a traffic Jam for an hour or so as one may experience on the mainland!. The only thing that holds me up is sheep dordling about in the road!
  9. Oh my word ! I wish I had never read this !! I dont think I have any gory stories, however I think I will be checking my food from now on! The #chicken frying place' with a mouse in is horrific !!
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