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  1. Hmm, not sure that's right. Just looked on my Flybe account where I have 45 points. Picked a random date in April and there was at least 1 flight a day I could get seats on with the points.
  2. She's off to dry dock. Norrona doing her run. A charter freighter doing Norrona's run.
  3. A bit of wind sure don't scare the Faroese. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RyNjttZwbaI
  4. Will be back home soon for a visit. My mrs's most favourite place in the world is St Ninans Isle so I thought we may plan, if the weather is favourable, a nights camping on the island. Anyone know if this is allowed and would I need to phone someone for permission?
  5. What sort of phone do you have? On a recent trip away, I used my iPhone, set it to act as a wireless hotspot and connected with my laptop. I phoned Vodafone before hand and they gave me 1.5GB to use for £7. It was very fast, was getting a good 8mb download and a faster upload than I get at home.
  6. Can I ask why? Bandwidth to the isle isn't really good enough to host a decently connected server. When the Faeroe cable comes into action however...
  7. Dynamic pricing would be great for tourists who book months in advance. It will be islanders who need last minute trips away that'll be screwed over.
  8. The RBS got out of the contract when it became Northlink v2 however they do still own the boats and lease them out. In the new contract the operator isn't obliged to use the same boats however I think any operator would struggle to find new boats that have enough cabins and can fit into Aberdeen harbour in time for July.
  9. Interesting to see P&O bidding. Could we see a return of the St Clair name? All be it it would probably just be the Hjaltland renamed. For everyone concerned and ease, I hope it is just rewarded to Northlink. Do the Scottish Government get a choice or does it have to go to the lowest bidder?
  10. No they didn't observe it. Oddly enough, that is what the thread is about. They didn't talk, they played instrumental music as it says earlier in the thread. 2 minutes of instrumental music? If that is the case then that's probably because they are not in a position to be able to switch off the silence detection at the transmitter site. So rather than after 30 seconds have a random piece of music kick in, a suitable piece of 2 minute instrumental has been played instead. I work in commercial radio. We did follow the silence yesterday and will do again tomorrow. We are in the same position, can't switch off the silence detection system so we use atmos noise, down the line from London. Iain maybe felt instrumental music was better than a howling wind noise in Lerwick. Fair play to Iain if this is the case.
  11. david

    Matt Cardle

    In fairness, £22.50 for that length of show on the mainland would be bargain.
  12. Sorry, we is there a campaign to free him? *If* he did wrong then he should be locked up, broke the law simple. Plus if they were the ones who hacked Sony, he has my credit card details.
  13. The place names came up at every port. And in the top right hand side it always said what leg of the journey they were on. Plus if the Nordnorge passed another ship, or went under a bridge, or passed something with interest, the name and some information would come up on screen. There was also archive footage being played on screen in less interesting areas. In most of the bigger ports there would be a reporter come off the ship and interview people of interest. Plus there was someone going around at times interviewing passengers and crew on board. Most of it was in Norwegian however. The ships officers were trying to encourage small boat owners not to sail directly in front of the ship as if there was an engine failure on one of these small boats then it could be very dangerous, but even on the last day small boats were still all over the place, clearly you don't need much of an education to sail one of these things! It was a fantastic thing to do one off! Great advertisement for Norway and the Hurtigruten, and something only a state funded tv company could ever do. It's something that sets it apart from the commercial outfits and something the BBC could take a few lessons from (instead of more dancing on ice programmes). I can't remember the exact figure of how much it cost, but when you consider it filled 5 days of tv, it was a relatively cheap operation to carry out. They have put the front facing camera available for download in HD as a torrent as well as all the ships GPS data with a 1000 euro prize for the person for the person who does the most interesting or unsual output with it.
  14. Really enjoyed watching this over the last few days. Had it on in the background. If you missed it you can watch it back again, clicking where ever you want on the route to see that part of the journey. Around 2.5 million, so just over half of Norway's population tuned in at some point over the last 5 days!
  15. We live in different times since the days of P&O. I'd imagine one of the reasons why you cant board the vessel after 6.30 is to do with security issues.
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