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    Last FM.

    http://last.fm/user/davidrlewis is my personal profile http://last.fm/user/sundayshowcase is the profile of the radio show I produce on a Sunday on Original 106 FM in Aberdeen. I spent the best part of a week trying to work out how to get the information from the playout system to last fm.
  2. And it now works on the IPhone/Touch, and is very nice.
  3. david


    yeah I've been listening to them. some of their tracks sound very much like Dogs Die In Hot Cars.... which isn't a bad thing!
  4. And interestingly the ferry was in at 3.22 this morning. If only this could be the case every day... (just ignore the fuel costs). Is there any truth in the story that the reason they moved the arrival time from 7 to 7.30 in Lerwick was becasue of moaning Shetlanders complaining they were being woken up to early when it arrived at 7? David
  5. david

    BBC Radio Channels

    Radio 2 beats Radio 1 any day. Haven’t switched on radio 1 in twenty years. R4 and R3.Before R4. There is nothing any one could ever say to me that would make me switch on R1. I would watch the Creepy Crawly and the Wooden Plank, In a “I’m a Moron get me out of here†First or paint dry I think a lot of people miss the point of daytime Radio 1. It's not designed for people who "haven't switched on Radio 1 in twenty years". If you haven't switched it on in twenty years then I'm guessing your quite a bit outside the target audience of Radio 1, in which case there would be something wrong if they were appealing to you. It amazes me the number of people who say they were big Radio 1 fans in the 70's but can't stand the station now......... well of course. I have recently grown out of listening to daytime Radio 1 (still a big fan of Colin Murray in the evenings). And while most of the tme I can't stand listening, Radio 1 are doing exactly what they need to be doing for their target audience.
  6. Cough http://www.originalfm.com/podcast.php?id=524657 cough Our latest podcast has an interview with some people involved in the Campaign as well as George Adam who was on the Lemon Tree board. It starts about 4.30 into the podcast.
  7. It is good to finally get a decent channel on Freeview... which was named after myself. I also like Virgin1 for 1 reason and 1 reason only... Sunday nights, Seinfeld.
  8. david


    Let me point you in the way of Marooned in Maywick...
  9. Agreed - never ever liked Mark Lammar. He was only ever good on Shooting Stars and that was because Vic and Bob took the mick out of him.
  10. I think BBC Radio and News Online is worth the licence fee alone.
  11. Was there not talk of Northlink arranging a trip over on one of their boats? Although I seem to remember that there was massive uproar that a boat would be taken out in the middle of summer for this... I suppose that uproar is justified, but it would be nice to go.
  12. Yeah I can do, as I should have no use for them. I'll just double check I get them all on Monday and that they work etc.
  13. Not had any experience of these but will be getting some on Monday as a part of my BT vision installation (won't need to use them as the Home Hub is right next to the telly but get a free pair none the less). From all the reviews I've read they work very well, and it's a very effective way of creating a network around the house. They may not work if you are trying to place them on different fuse box circuits within the same house (forgive me I don't know the technical term for that). They may not also work on an extension cable, but other than that they are apparently very good. Will let you know how they work.
  14. I'm not sure. The thought that the parents could move the body 25 days after her disappearance in the car they had just rented, while the worlds media was camped outside seems a little bit unlikely. I also don't really trust the Portuguese police. They are up there with the Jamaican police (re: Bob Woolmer).
  15. I still think the Smyril investment was well worth it... and by the looks of things we are already seeing the result of the Norrona's reduced/no visits. http://www.shetland-news.co.uk/news_07_2007/Slack%20season%20worries%20holiday%20firms.htm If the report about the Norrona bringing £4 million a year to the economy was correct then this is a MASSIVE loss.
  16. It is/was on the new BBC IPlayer which is where I watched it.
  17. If there wasn't false bits to Top Gear it wouldn't be as half as entertaining. I I don't watch Top Gear for information about cars, I watch it for entertainment purposes. Lets face it, I'll never be able to afford half the cars they speak about.
  18. Same here. Still got my Zetnet e-mail address but very rarely check it as it's on ZIMACS on the home computer.
  19. It was certainly Evelyn & Pete when I was there the other night.
  20. and a very close race at that.
  21. In this day in age I'm sure it wouldn't be impossible to get the playlists published automatically to their website. I have e-mailed him a few times over the years to get a name of a song.
  22. Yep good news. It would seem having access to the World Service and hearing all the support certainly lifted Alan's spirits.
  23. I have to say make of the news what you will, but the music on SIBC is generally quite good. No matter where you go, a station that plays "current releases" will never 100% suit everyones tastes, unless you have a very eclectic taste in music. David
  24. That link is brilliant. At first I thought "na, that's not him" but then there is the odd word in there which clearly sounds like him
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