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    Animals, wildlife, photography, writing, self suffiency.
  1. New to Shetland, and have just brought a property on Unst, wondering where I can buy wood, and have it delivered, and how much it would cost. Interested in: CLS 50mm x 75mm x 4.8m around 40 to 50 pieces to give you some idea of size / quantity. Perhaps somebody could help ?
  2. Anyone know what breed of goats are most suitable for the Shetland Islands, taking into consideration the cold, damp and windy climate. I have had goats before, but lived in a mild climate. Any information would be much appreciated.
  3. Are there any air travel options for bringing dogs to the islands from the UK mainland ?
  4. Looking to move and wondering whether to bring our furniture with us, or buy some when we get here, as such our question is, how easy is it to buy here compared with mainland UK ? How do the prices compare ? Are there any new furniture shops ? And 2nd hand furniture shops ? Prices of such items as sofa ?
  5. Thank you for that link, I see wheelie bins and plastic bags are mentioned, but what are the skips for ?
  6. > What area are you looking for? We would consider any area. > You could try looking here Thank you for that link, though ideally we are looking for something cheaper and unfurnished, whilst house-hunting so that we could move our contents into there and save on storage costs.
  7. Thank you for your helpful replies, and we will get in touch with them, as the estimates from Lincolnshire firms are horrendous.
  8. We are planning on moving here once our current property is sold, and would appreciate any advice/leads on suitable property to rent whilst we house hunt. Note we have two small King Charles Cavalier dogs, well behaved clean. Looking for a two bedroom property for my son and I.
  9. We are looking to move from Lincolnshire to here, and wonder if it would be more economical to use a company based on Shetland Islands for either moving and/or storage. Can anyone recommend/suggest suitable firms ?
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