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  1. Two very good ideas there, thank you for that. I will also see if I can find a photo of it, may help as you say jog someones memory.
  2. Writing in the hope that someone may be able to help. Some years ago, probably 7 now, in the haste of a house clearance, my ancestors sea kist was inadvertently sent to auction in Lerwick ( the auctions that took place in Market Street at that time) Having recently returned home to Shetland I was devastated to hear of this and thought perhaps someone may have an idea of where it ended up. The kist itself was in a pretty bad state and the lid had a sailing ship painted inside. In my young days the lid was always kept in the house and a distinguishing feature was that it had come apart and therefore was in two halves, lacking the backing hinges. I image that the kist body was too far gone to salvage but perhaps somebody knows what or where about the lid finished up. It was a fairly primitive ship, in full sail with a flag as far as I can recall. If anyone knows anything about its whereabouts I would be so grateful to know as it is a great loss to the family.
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