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  1. does onybody ken whaur da green streetlights is dat Austin Taylor took a photo o dat is on da front page o Shetland News da day.
  2. http://i770.photobucket.com/albums/xx345/IHawick/email.jpg A taster of the style of photos for the calendar. BTW no photoshopping - all the folk were photographed in situ!
  3. A calendar is in production in aid of CLAN 123 and at the moment is only available by pre-ordering via the CLAN website or using the order form in ii Shetland. All the proceeds from the calendar are going to the charity - the photographer is working for free. The CLAN website is http://www.shetlandclanappeal.org.uk. If you have seen the postcards the calendar is in a similar style but with colour photos. The calendars will be ready for delivery in the Autumn. Please note the closing date of 27th July for calendar orders printed on the form is incorrect. You can continue to make orders after this date.
  4. Does anybody know if there is an osteopath that visits Shetland? (***Mod Edit - Moved to Consumer Advice & Resources***)
  5. Wha needs tae celebrate new year when dey ir dat an a dazzling display o Christmas lights alang da street tae mak da festive special.
  6. (** mod edit - post merged with existing topic **) In the paper today it was reported that no further nursery provision would be made in central Shetland for the time being as there were no funds available for this. 21 3-4 year olds may have to be displaced from their nursery in Wadbister to get nursery education in Lerwick, Scalloway, Whiteness or Lunnasting. Also reported today the SIC could be spending up to £60m on a new high school (as long as there are no cost over-runs), and last week the SIC approved continuing to provide secondary education in Skerries for 1 pupil. I have to admit a vested interest in that I have a child due to start nursery education in central area in the next couple of years, however it seems to me that making decisions on this subject on an ad-hoc basis is resulting in preferential treatment for some areas to the detriment of others. Education in Shetland is incredibly expensive and I understand that the SIC cannot provide what every parent would ideally like for their child, but it is difficult not to feel aggrieved when your child is being treated as less deserving of education in their community as compared with someone elses!
  7. We just got notification of our property insurance cost for this year - been with the same company for 5 years - no claims but they had increased the premium by £100. I phoned to query this. The reason for the increase was the flood claims in England had pushed all premiums up. As a gesture of good faith they would hold our premium to last years cost but after checking what else was on offer from other companies we found better cover for £350 less per year. Could be an initial offer to get new custom but will definately shop around next renewal.
  8. is it a primary school that has designed the mural at the viking bus station? is it a work in progress? at the moment it looks like a bairns scrap book.
  9. its surely some old guy dats got a real cob on about everybody forgetting about his birthday , perfectly understandable.
  10. I think thats a matter of opinion - many people feel that the areas affected are among the most scenic in Shetland for example Lunna, Vidlin, Nesting, Aith, Voe and Weisdale. This wind farm is not just going to visually impact on the Kames. Also earlier comments on the bleak economic outlook for Shetland - Sullom Voe is gearing up for another 30 years of work, white fish landings are at their highest levels for many years, salmon farming is improving, LFT and Johnsons are gearing up for value added fish processing, oil de-commissioning work is planned for the future. I think to try and create the impression that we are all doomed if no windfarm is developed is a gross exaggeration.
  11. www.myspace.com/stevefoulds Redux original mix by Steve Foulds and Craig Smaaskjaer available from Beatport Records
  12. Who do I believe? I certainly don't believe a single word that comes from the mouth of Drew Ratter
  13. I like to draw comparisons with the mafia when looking at our local authority. They rule their employees using fear and bribery, they must have a cut of the action on all projects going on, if there is competition to any of their proposed schemes they will 'force' them out of business. Drew Ratter gets my vote as Fredo! Thats the only vote of mine he would ever get. Morgan Goodlad has to be Michael Corleane (the Godfather) Any other suggestions for the rest of the gang? I will have to watch out for reprisals now - oh no they might stop collecting my essy bags!
  14. I am a bit dubious about the benefits of this project for Shetland - firstly the leaflet says it seems like a good investment - I'm pretty sure they said the same thing about the Smyril Line another joint venture with a Company from outwith Shetland from which we are yet to see the benefits. Construction would create 100 jobs - for who? With Shetlands unemployment levels I seriously doubt that there are 100 unemployed people who want to work. Again the same point for the 50 extra jobs they will create, there seems to be at the moment plenty of projects to create jobs in Shetland - de-commissioning, extension at LFT how many jobs do we need to create in an Island with such low unemployment! I think it would be fine if the people involved would just say that we are destroying your landscape so we can make some money. More profits for SSE. More money to add to the SIC reserves so they can squander it on a pile of sharn! If the SIC are so keen to provide benefits for the people of Shetland and spend their reserves then they should fork out for a domestic windmill for each household - we never have to pay electricity bills again and with the money that we save we spend it on local goods and services. A direct benefit for the people of Shetland - a ludricous idea perhaps but more sensible than turning the whole of Shetland into a power station for mainland Scotland!
  15. I bit too quickly when I opened up the Shetland Times today. I don't where the hell I have been for the past month but I have just worked out it must be the first of April - can there be any other reason for the joke book enclosed with the paper - if you can't tell yet I'm pissed off - I'm very pissed off!!!
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