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  1. 45% say is better than none.


    no its not when the other 55% overrule you.

    then all it is is 45% of the costs and no say.

    Now this is being sold to us as a 50/50 project which it is not and never has been. The burradale boys would have to be daft to vote against their own interests and they might be many things but daft enough to vote themselves out of pocket, I seriously doubt it.

    We are a minority shareholder.

    Now if the agreement says the boys have to vote with the CT come what may then that is another thing but until we see the agreement in black and white then we will never know.

    But I for one would never agree to that and I doubt they did either.

  2. How a parent can willing pay to have there child par take in something that could so easily end in there injury is beyond me.


    like football, rugby, hockey, gymnastics etc etc etc.



    and yes you are right broken bones do heal... but sometimes the scars from the trauma takes longer,


    I'm sure they are delightful bairns, juries out on you though :cry:

  3. seems like a good idea to me we used to run around like dafties when we were bairns climbing da banks on roofs you name it, This at least will have some aspect of safety involved so no need to worry too much about them hurting themselves.

    snowflake if you don't let your kids run a bit wild now they will never learn about risk management and are more likely to hurt themselves in the long run. kids bones break but they heal easy enough better they do it now than when they are older and take longer to heal.

    broke plenty of bones when I was a kid and none the worse for it now, but injuries sustained as an adult just keep niggling away.


    I too would like to know how much funding and from where has been obtained for this though

  4. Why is this thread even allowed to stay active?

    Shouldn't it be deleted or, at the very least, locked?


    I'm pretty sure that if a thread was started about the affairs of, say, Abe Hassan (a Shetland resident with a similar disregard for the law)... The mod's would be onto it as keen as mustard!




    (accidental reference to another common criminal we're not allowed to mention on an open forum, not fully intended)


    mention him aa du wants but be ready to run :lol: :lol:

  5. Maybe folk would not try to avoid tax if it was not so steep. And while the tale of the economics class is probably made up the 5 sentences at the end are valid. But I doubt you are ever going o agree. I know plenty of folk that have upped sticks because of the tax system in the UK and now they pay no UK tax at all and all their money is now spent outside the UK, so the policy of hammering the wealthy actually gathers less tax than a fair system that allows folk to keep the majority of what they earn. The tax system under gordon brown became so complecated that the folks employed to run it don't have a clue about how the rules should be applied. A straight forward 20% tax rate for all with no loopholes would gather more tax from the wealthy than a 50% rate that encourages the wwalthy to move both themselves and their wealth out the country. But for you AT it seems to be more about punishing the wealthy or having the audacity to suceed in life where you and your like have failed. So maybe you or peat might like to explain why those 5 statements in my previous post are wrong, I could do with a laugh.

  6. Yes renegotiated by one Malcolm Green he was advised by many folk in the oil industry to go in and negotiate hard to start a 5p a barrel and when they refused to walk out and return the next day at 10p a barrel and so on with an annual rise in line with inflation, and if they didn't like it to pack up clean up and sausage off.

    Remember the original deal had them reinstating Sullom to the way they found it, something they are not yet prepared to do, the cost to them at that time would far out way the cost of paying us off.

    No malcolm like clark was here to line his own pockets and to hell with us.


    I do agree with shoogler on one thing and that is we do need to ween ourselves of the level of services we have become accustomed to

  7. And as for the oil industry being the new merchant navy, Shetlanders are woefully under represented in the oil industry but we do tend to achieve quite a lot when we are.

    I know quite a few guys that are very well placed in oil companies and they all think that Shetland gets a crap deal from the industry.

    Come on now a half dozen or so apprentices every year when it should be by far the major employer.

    But that is not down to the oil industry but poor careers advice from one Andy Carter and poor leadership from the council.

    There could of been a college up here years ago specialising in petroleum engineering not just for locals but like the NAFC bringing in students from all over the world.

    They could also have been running marine cadet courses years before given that we had a wealth of experience in that area.


    No crofter even lately when I spoke to the folks a train Shetland they were totally unaware of the opportunities in the oil industry and how to go about getting young men and women into even roustabout or catering jobs, jobs that don't even need qualifications, just a survival and medical.


    By the way if anyone is interested in working offshore feel free to pm me and I will give what help and advice I can.

  8. I think you will find the head honcho tribal leader or whatever you want to call him in the Niger Delta negotiated a better deal than clark did for us the difference is he keeps all the money for himself.


    In Angola the president gets a dollar a barrel for every drop of oil removed from the country this is on top of the tax regime and the fact that all the reserves are 50/50 partnerships with national companies.

    Our deal is looking more like a con every minute.


    Now the muppets want us to believe they have negotiated a good deal with SSE but don't want us to see what that deal is.

  9. Commercial development of shale gas could start tomorrow if not for a bunch of ill-informed hippies protesting at everything that is not about flowers and peace.


    Don't worry deself paul the point at which the north sea becomes unprofitable is a long way below the current oil price no matter how much the oil companies would have you believe different. All their posturing about pulling out every time there is a tax hike is just that posturing. The oil price is at about 3 times where it needs to be to keep even the most expensive field in production.

    Technology is advancing rapidly and making fields that were thought to be non-viable, viable. As long as there is oil there someone will try to get it out.

    The reduction in price of gas brought about by the development of the shale gas reserves may slow things down slightly but that will only make our reserves last longer. remember we have oil as well as gas and oil get used for different things than gas.

  10. this fracing gas how will that impact on the deeper more expensive north sea gas will it still be worth exploiting. i don't know so this is a real question. if they were to stop investing in it what impact will this have on shetland. apart from the uk which other areas has a high level of shale gas reserves nearby. its claimed that it can supply all our energy needs for 50 years..


    Current oil and gas prices are way above the level needed to make the platforms around Shetland profitable the oil companies are raking it in just now. and all because some dafties keep going on about peak oil and how it is running out, look at the $20 billion that BP has paid out in the gulf and the fact that it has had little real effect on their operations. If they paid out less to shareholders ie every ones pension funds then they wouldn't even have noticed the blip in their accounting.


    Shale gas is indeed plentiful I have been involved in testing reserves from Europe to Australia at the moment service companies are setting up bases throughout mainland Europe to deal with the amount of work that is happening in countries that a few years ago thought they had no reserves, I would advise any youngster who is interested in engineering to look to the oil industry for there will be high paid work a plenty for my lifetime and beyond.

  11. There does not seem to be any figures, thanks again for the insults, you excel your self. How much will this bring in on current payments?

    You have not given any explanations on figures.

    You seem to base everything on some sort of unfounded theory of which you have no idea on costs or standing arrangements.

    So, how much do you think it will cost to get to your dream?


    we are having a discussion on Shetlink but you want me to provide you with a 200 page manifesto. get real


    the figures are there for you to find peat and have been provided on this and other threads

    we have in our waters 35% of the UK oil and gas that alone will provide £billions.

    As to the fish stocks in our waters cut out the EU fleet and that will provide somewhere in the region of a £billion per year with all that fish landed and processed here we would be able to put enough away for a rainy day on the scale of Noahs flood, with a ban on trawling within 12nm and an outright ban on factory trawlers the inshore high value line fishing would be worth a £100million or so. A few of the fisheries protection vessels kitted out with guns instead of water cannon would ensure the laws were obeyed just like the Faroes manage their seas.


    I dont go on about the culture in China I am here working the only mention I made as to their culture was that I would learn more about it while here than you will ever learn by googling it.


    I wont force anybody to work I just won't give handouts to folk that are fit and able to work, they then have the choice to work or piss off, they would not want to resort to stealing in my world to get by, the punishment would be harsh but fair.


    If you are not from here and you break our laws you will be returned from whence you came after making reparation for your crime, there is a difference between making a mistake and being a criminal.


    If you are sick and can't work we will look after you, but you better not try taking the piss as punishment will be harsh but fair yet again.


    your post as always is misleading and misrepresenting peat.

    I can only assume you are too stupid to understand what is written because you are far too nice a guy to deliberately do this :wink:

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