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  1. Turbans are generally worn by the peoples of the Indian sub continent not Libyans, surely the good folks in North Africa have enough to contend with just now without your incorrect racial stereotyping, icepick
  2. I heard a fella in the pub saying it was the Preston posse (or was it pussy) that was supplying all the drugs up here. The fact is none of you know what the situation is here and speculation leads to misinformation.
  3. We have seen in da paper today exactly who will benefit from this i cant believe everybody in shetland isn't demanding cheaper energy from the windfarm. More money in peoples pockets means more money to spend locally after all.
  4. Dratsy

    kale soup

    Does onybody hay a recipe fir kale soup? Cheers
  5. John Willum Halcrow, John Tait both excelent builders. Tommy Hughes excelent plumber/heating engineer. The fact is there is plenty of good tradesmen and shops in Shetland, and you don't have to look too hard to find them.
  6. not acording to some sooth dr in scalloway called jennings. but then he reckons we should have a Shetland tartan
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