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  1. There is genuine need and then there is genuine greed, I put some items on here for free the only stipulation was that a donation was made to charity. One person out of five put a pound in the charity box another muttered something about donating when they got home. I can't stand scroungers either whether it is the waster at the dole or the business wo/man at the CT wanting a subsidy to keep their business "viable".
  2. I think you are mixing it up with the Alberta tar sands. But since you brought them up lets look at what is happening there. Shallow reserves of oil bearing sands that are allready causing pollution by removing these sands and processing them the oil companies are actually cleaning the region up, if it was a spill that put the oil there they would be legally obliged to clean it up and the hippies would be screaming blue murder. Yet more missinformation bandied about by the blinkered hippies in society
  3. They have been fracing for shale gas for years without any increase in earthquakes that is just another anti oil industry scare story put about by the likes of AT and other blinkered hippies. Yes fracing will be picked up on seismographs but so will a truck driving past and a large person falling on their ass or jumping of a chair. water table polution comes from shallow reserves and the polution was there before the fracing started. 99% of Shale gas is contained in rock that is thousands of feet below ground level and the water table is mere hundreds of feet below ground level, water from any deeper will quite often be pressure saturated with minerals that would render it toxic to human animal and plants so not really something you would want to be drinking. Did you know that there is thousands times more oil released naturally than is spilled by the oil companies, in fact the oil companies tapping these shallow reserves are actually leading to a reduction in pollution by lowering resevoir pressure and there for reducing natural seepage. And being a hippie is a state of mind a philosophy if you will and quite often leads to blinkered attitude probably but not exclusively brought about by the consumption of more dope than their minds can cope with. So i will state once again just for you peat I will always disagree with some one who is just plain stupid, thats not bigotry peat it is common sense.
  4. ^ yep rocket science and monkeys
  5. jesus h pet do you just haver sharn for the fun of it 1000 tickets 400 sold from islesburgh 600 sent out to the country shops split evenly among all the shops that wish to participate or even divided up pro rata on a population basis. Any tickets left after a pre determined period would be sent back to islesburgh, for further sale so if you are in virkie and missed out on any at mainlands or bigton stores you would know that on X date the spare tickets would be returned to isleburgh. and if you are really desperate to get that ticket you could always take a trip up to unst or isleburgh There are always physical tickets when pre selling so no extra cost. And why would there be the need to report all sales there are only going to be the correct number of tickets printed so no double booking. with ticket sales being available locally there would not be the scramble that happens now. Special needs would still be catered for by islesburgh. Ticket sales capped at 2 per person to prevent touts unless they want to drive all over Shetland for tickets that would not be worth any more in profit than cost in fuel. Explaining even the simplest of ideas to you peat is like trying to teach rocket science to a monkey Now here is a method to sell tickets throughout the isles that took less time to think up than it took to type and would cost nothing to set up. would be inclusive of all the folks in Shetland, and would help bring passing trade to help keep country shops viable.
  6. A better investment return would be shale gas massive reserves all over the place and once the governments decide to ignore the hippies then production will boom(no pun intended0
  7. But AT you keep harping on about the need to reduce our carbon footprint and windfarms just do not achieve this at any level. You will say that the grid needs to be modified for this to happen so let the powers that be modify the grid and when that is done then we should look at building a windfarm, but not on the top of the hills for christ sake. If we must have one then i would suggest Papa Stour not much soil and no peat. But by the time the grid is capable of accepting wind energy without coal, gas or nuclear back up running constantly windmills will be a mere memory in some of the olders folks minds. The fact is that building this windfarm will not reduce the UKs carbon footprint by even one gram and by building it on blanket bog will actually make it a carbon producer. but you are too damn blinkered to realize this. You bitterness towards the oil industry that rejected you is blinding you to the obvious that this scheme is all about making money for the few and to hell with every one else. Even if this and other windfarms was to reduce the UKs carbon output to zero which it never will then it would still be a waste of time money and effort because the rest of the world is going to carry on increasing their carbon footprint at a rate that outstrips anything we can ever hope to achieve. So we get to your claim that if carbon emissions are not reduced right now then we are heading for catastrophic global warming well if your right and I am not for one minute saying you are but if you are then we are wasting our time building it anyway for the reason stated, That globally emissions are rising and will continue to do so. If we must spend our money then lets spend it on an ark and stock it with enough tinned food to see future generations of Shetlanders through the impending apocalypse, a wild idea but much more sense than destroying our islands just to make a few wigwams richer. The fact is your hysterical rantings are exactly the reason why we shouldn't build the damn thing, because they are just that hysterical rantings.
  8. ah mr or is it ms eel your posts are full of substance as ever, that substance being sharn So why don't you shut the F up. where do you get the bigoted bit from, I may lack refinement in manners but will never put some one down based on religion colour or creed, I will state here and now as I have in the past that religion and blind faith is not for me. I will post my thoughts when I think someone is wrong or just plain stupid like you are. If I see something that moves me to applaud some ones hard graft or ingenuity then I will post on that. ( but mostly it is despair at the dicks with their hands out wanting a bigger piece of the pie that pisses me off) I work all over the world and have friends of many races and every one of them who sits next to me and reads posts on here about what some of you think is racist are quite frankly bemused. they live in the real world and realise that there is more to worry about than what form of slang is used to label them or anyone else. I may post under a pseudo name but have never really made a secret of who I am or what I stand for can you say the same? As for my business at home I have spent a lot of my own money maintaining a service in my community with not one single penny of public funds, and my wife and I have put in many long hours for the same reason so I think I have earned the right to comment when I see folks scrabbling over public money for their own pet projects.
  9. I stand corrected on the bill bailey point but it was someone from Shetland Arts crowing about what coup it was for Shetland arts getting him up here that sent me in the wrong direction. Try sending half the tickets out to all the local shops on a friday with the shetland times any unsold tickets after a fortnight (or whatever time period) to be returned to isleburgh for further sales in the toon. It works for other events and will cost zilch. The shops will be delighted at the extra footfall over their doors and in the case of my local shop charge nothing for the service, and I'm pretty sure the rest of the shops deal with this the same way. If they want to charge then don't include them. Unlike me (and most of the council staff it seems) folks cant sit at work and surf the net looking for tickets so this method would be more inclusive to more of the population. And remember it would cost nothing
  10. If you check you will find that you have attributed some peat speak to stilldellin hairy ian
  11. £685million borrowed at commercial rates of say 3.5%(and I doubt they'll get anything like as good a rate) over 25 years don't leave a hell of a lot of profit. Totals £200 million is looking like the better bet all the time. although I expect gas prices to fall over the next few years
  12. Well thats the first 5 years insurance sorted but what about the next 20?
  13. If the more well known groups play at mareel then I guess 600ish capacity is going to struggle to cope with demand. Bryan Shetland box office sells tickets for various events organised by various promoters but when that promoter is Shetland arts then folks struggle to get tickets, how much plainer language do you need Bryan. any event put on by Shetland arts should be as inclusive as possible of all the folk in Shetland as it is all the folk in Shetland that are subsidising the event and your wages. And just why did Bill Bailey decide to promote his visit next month himself and cut Shetland arts from the picture, was he unhappy with the way things were handled last time?
  14. I said we would have to agree to disagree I wont hold my breath waiting for anything including you buying a pint I did not say I wished you to lose your job only that I would shed no tears if the arts trust is disbanded. I have never misrepresented any post you have made but certainly disagree with your assumptions on the viability of mareel and the effect it may have on private business if it is ever to make a profit. but you did say many many pages back that to include the facilities in a new school would mean police checks on everyone using the place. Somehow Orkney manages to avoid this problem but then Orkadians are not subsidy junkies like the folks at Shetland arts. they just put a lock on the door leading into the school proper simple and cheap. and if you can't accept a complement that shows I hold no ill will toward you then ???
  15. they don't for by i enjoy watching them play. It costs the council (and every one else) nothing for me to watch them so I guess it is my business who I watch or support. when i lived south i had a season ticket payed for out of my own pocket no grants whatsoever for my chosen pass time. And on occasion I have traveled from Shetland to Ibrox for a game but not since i got married as I don't think it would be fair of me to spend our money on what is something purely for my own enjoyment and not hers. Although I do get Sky sports and she gets a pushbike, that's called a compromise. As for the my utopian Shetland there are a fair few supporters of the old firm that have moved here that I would pack up and send south in the next cattle truck, and a fair few that I am glad have moved here.
  16. with gates as low as 3000 they will strugle to find another 600 every week
  17. I think it was a penny a tonne of oil, negotiated by Ian Clark who went on to employment with Britoil, then in their wisdom the SIC decided to hire his son. remember we only got 70 million from the oil companies the rest was made on the stock market. so much was made on the stock market that pigs have had their snouts in the trough for 30 years and we still have more than the original 70 mil but that is all about to change
  18. ooh build it build it build it. big bloody deal I never was a big believer in the bird mincing, but as I've stated before and will state again this is about putting money in certain individuals pockets at the expense of Shetland scenery, habitat, amenities, folks health and wellbeing.
  19. From Eurosport news If they go through with this there will be a few more clubs in liquidation before too long. Seeing as most grounds with out the old firm visiting are almost empty
  20. OK so I get it now the vaunted income from the windfarm will be of little or no benefit to the vast majority of Shelties (oops thats racist I meant Shetlanders) but the same old names ie Grains, Goodlad, Anderson etc will be able to keep their snouts in the trough for a while longer. Why wasn't it explained like that to me before for gods sake build the thing I would hate to think of those poor folks having to spend their own money on their latest doomed business venture. My god AT your socialist principles have been upheld I hope you are happy
  21. An education centre that would be a school a place 5million would have been better spent. thats right the same muppets that brought us mareel have spent millions on a school with nothing being built Oh but thats right if it was at the school then every one working there would need a police records check that was the excuse made when it was brought up before, but seemingly they can work with kids at mareel without a police records check amazing that. I see a fine example of a minority shouting loud enough till they get what they want and damn everyone else, a bit like the wind farm.
  22. nah joost da sem aafy vocal twa No - about a dozen or so. dat'll be a £million spent on each wan o dem dan
  23. I've tried to offer money to Shetlink in return for a local business ad, but so far haven't been taken up on the offer. seems lik a good idea at least then the adds would be relevent to folk living or wanting to visit here and would not lead you to a site(when clicked on by accident) that has tracking cookies etc. would probably generate more income for shetlink too.
  24. All the young musicians I've spoken two are desperate for Mareel to open. wid dat mak a total o fower dan ? nah joost da sem aafy vocal twa
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